Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor is former UFC champion in two weight classes, featherweight and lightweight | Pic: Facebook/thenotoriousmma

Conor McGregor reportedly faces assault charges after allegedly punching old man at the bar in Dublin early April

Conor McGregor recently emerged in a footage showing him allegedly punching an elderly man in the face, after the latter refused a glass of his Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey. The incident reportedly took place at The Marble Arch Pub in Dublin, Ireland early April 2019. The security video was obtained and released by TMZ Sports last week. According to The Sun citing source, “The Notorious” is scheduled to appear in court in October to face assault charges.

“Cops have also gathered CCTV footage as part of their file. McGregor is at the centre of a Section Two Assault probe. If charged, the case would be dealt with in the District Court,” reads the post.

Although after the alleged victim received a punch to the head he remained on the barstool, finished his pint and went home by taxi. The 50-year-old Dubliner reportedly made a statement to gardai (Police in Ireland) but told friends he wasn’t interested in an apology or compensation, only justice.

Irish Sunday Mirror reported quoting one of alleged victim’s friends who said that “he didn’t feel the pain of it at the time but the next day he was in bits”

“It was a proper hard hit. His face was very sore and he definitely knew he had been punched. He was very shook by the whole thing and didn’t leave his house for days. At the end of the day he doesn’t want an apology or any money, he just wants justice for what happened to him.”

“He wouldn’t have been a fan of McGregor before all this and he most certainly isn’t now.”

Conor McGregor (21-4) is former UFC champion in two weight classes, featherweight and lightweight. He was last seen inside the Octagon in October 2018, when he lost by submission in the fourth round against the reigning lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov. The latter shared his opinion about the incident with TMZ saying (among everything) that “this guy [McGregor] has no class, no respect, this is very bad for sport”.

“Some things he’s doing [are] good for sport, but right now he’s without his mind. He lose his mind. [The] government has to smash him [sic],” said Khabib Nurmagomedov.

More information on the matter is expected to follow in the coming weeks.