Bianka Balajti vs Nicola Barke at WLC Fearless Tigers
Bianka Balajti in WKN Hungarian Featherweight title fight at Simply the Best 3 Budapest | Pic: Facebook/WKN/Photographic

Bianka Balajti faces Nicola Barke at WLC: Fearless Tigers

One of the brightest prospects in combat sports Bianka Balajti makes her World Lethwei Championship debut at WLC: Fearless Tigers on October 11 in Mandalay, Myanmar. Despite being just 22 years of age, she has carved out an illustrious amateur career and a burgeoning professional career.

Originally from Hungary, Bianka Balajti has decimated all her opponents in Europe, winning titles in various organisations including IFMA and WAKO. Furthermore, she has claimed professional title in World Kickboxing Network winning prestigious WKN Hungarian Featherweight strap at Simply the Best 3 Budapest in March 2015. She now gets a chance to test herself against world-class opposition in bare-knuckle fighting matchup, when she takes on the equally highly touted Nicola “The Burmese Python” Barke from the UK.

Balajti grew up in a small-town called Jaszbereny in Hungary, where she lived close to nature. She was always a fighter, fighting back against bullies to stand up for her friends who were being bullied in school Eventually, Balajti fell in love with Muay Thai when she was introduced to it at 15. She had more than 32 wins in her amateur career, and was highly feared in amateur tournaments throughout Europe.

Balajti then decided to make a monumental move, giving up her status as a reigning champion to travel the world, eventually settling in Hanoi, Vietnam, where she is based now. She added, “I was supposed to come for three months, but I couldn’t bear to live. The country just embodies my spirit of being contended with life, but with a slight wildness to it.”

Now she gets to get back on the global stage, with a highly anticipated bout against Nicola Barke scheduled for October. This match will be her first fight in Lethwei, but she is more than confident in this challenge. Stylistically, this fight provides an interesting matchup. Balajti is wild and aggressive while Barke is more controlled and technical. Millions of fans will watch her for the first time, and she is determined to put on a fight for the ages.

“This is it. This is what I’ve been waiting for all my life and now it is finally time to do it. I will stamp my name on the world stage and everyone will know who Bianka Balajti is!”

WLC: Fearless Tigers takes place at Mandalar Thiri Indoor Stadium in Mandalay, Myanmar on October 11. The event airs on Canal+ in Myanmar (broadcast starts at 6pm local time) and globally on UFC Fight Pass (broadcast starts 7pm local time). The event is headlined by Thway Thit Win Hlaing up against Burutlek Petchyindee Academy.