Nicola Canu faces Bryan Lang for WKN European Super Featherweight title
Nicola Canu (pictured) faces Bryan Lang for WKN European Super Featherweight title | Pic: Facebook/CanuThePower

Nicola Canu vs. Bryan Lang

Italian kickboxer Nicola Canu from Sardinia is back in action on December 7. Going through the ropes in France he faces the representative of the country-host Bryan Lang. The pair battles it out for WKN European Super Featherweight title under oriental rules (K-1 style).

In his previous outing early July Nicola Canu challenged for World Kickboxing Network Super Featherweight title against Brandon Vieira, but fell short. The latter came out victorious, earning a unanimous decision to become two-style world champion.

Earlier in his career Canu held WKN European Featherweight title in “low kick”. He won the belt against Jeremy Legrand by a unanimous decision, as well as made a successful defense by knockout in the second round against Jouhri Abdelmalek.

Bryan Lang is riding the five-fight win streak. Two of his previous bouts he won by decision against Sylvain Chambaudry and Nuno Furtado. Before that he scored a pair of TKO victories against Andrew Turland and Holmi M’Hamdi.

The Canu vs. Lang champion bout is scheduled for five rounds.

The undercard is expected to see a series of matchups with local and international competitors. The promoter of the event is Vincent Marinetto.

In addition, World Kickboxing Network announced another European title bout scheduled for October 26 in Courcelles, Belgium (via Twitter). The contest features local Ougo Huet up against Italian Giacomo Stocchino in a five-round featherweight championship in Muay Thai. Huet is also expected to challenge German Jan Szajko for WKN World Super Bantamweight title in oriental kickboxing on September 28 in Ingolstadt.