Nacho Menen faces Ovidio Mihali in WKN European Welterweight title fght
Nacho Menen (pictured) faces Ovidio Mihali in WKN European Welterweight title fght | Pic: Facebook/ignacio.menen / Enfusion Live

The WKN European title is on the line on October 19 in Madrid, Spain. The contest features the previously announced representative of the country-host Nacho Menen up against Ovidio Mihali of Italy.

The pair of welterweights squares off in the championship bout under oriental rules (K-1 style). The contest is scheduled for five rounds, World Kickboxing Network announced on Wednesday.

Nacho Menen is the Spanish national champion, who earned the title last May against Angel Martin. Over the course of his career he also defeated Jose Manuel, Johan Tkac, among others.

The resume of Ovidio Mihali includes the wins against the likes of Florenzo Pesare and Damien Baldacchino. In addition earlier in his career he went up against Riccardo Lecca, yet dropped a unanimous decision.

The upcoming event in Spanish capital follows a recently produced “Fight for Glory” held in July in Badalona. The headline bout saw Antonio Campoy earning WKN European Lightweight title by unanimous decision against Daniel Ghercioiu.

Antonio Campoy Super Kick

Super kick by Antonio Campoy in his WKN European Lightweight title fight against Daniel Ghercioiu last weekend at Fight for Glory in Badalona. Video by betevé #Spectacular

Posted by Parviz Iskenderov on Thursday, July 18, 2019

The undercard is scheduled to see a series of kickboxing bouts with local and international competitors.

Welterweight Nacho Menen up against Ovidio Mihali