PROKICK: Johnny Smith vs Shuhei Sone headlines Lord of the Ring
PROKICK: Johnny Smith (pictured left) defends his WKN Intercontinental Welterweight title against Shuhei Sone

Eleven out of twelve bouts have been locked in for the upcoming night of international kickboxing “made in Prokick”. The event, billed as “Lord of the Ring”, takes place at Stormont Hotel in Belfast, Northern Ireland on October 26. The lineup features the A-list representatives of the country-host and international competitors in a series of kickboxing, Full Contact and oriental rules (K-1 style) bouts. The event is headlined by WKN Intercontinental championship Europe vs. Asia.

The main and co-main event bouts have been announced in August. Mid last month the promotion added several additional matchups to the lineup. A nearly completed fight card has now been revealed on

Previously announced local James Braniff received an opponent – Fintan Perris of Ireland. The pair meets in a three-round 63 kg catchweight bout under oriental rules.

The competitors taking on Matthew Lam and Lewis Kerr of Belfast have also been named – Jack Anderson and Josh Lutton (respectively) of Dungannon. The 62 kg and 54 kg bouts are scheduled for three rounds in Full Contact.

In addition, the 55 kg Full Contact battle between the representative of the country-host Joshua Madden and Daniel Brady of Ireland has been added to the card.

Reza Davies is yet to be matched for his 80 kg “low kick” kickboxing bout.

In the main event prominent Johnny “Swift” Smith defends his WKN Intercontinental Welterweight title against Shuhei Sone of Japan. The championship bout is scheduled for five rounds in oriental kickboxing (K-1 style).

In the co-main event former two-division World Kickboxing Network champion (featherweight and lightweight) Gary “Belfast Boy” Hamilton faces Douglas Morrison of Scotland in the “18 years in the making” rematch. The super welterweight encounter is scheduled for seven rounds in Full Contact.

PROKICK Lord of the Ring celebrates 30 years when former four-division World Champion in Full Contact, Belfast’s Billy Murray lifted his first crown. The current fight card can be found below.

PROKICK Lord of the Ring 2019

WKN Intercontinental Welterweight title / Oriental rules / 5×3
Johnny Smith (Northern Ireland) vs. Shuhei Sone (Japan)

International Super Welterweight bout / Full Contact / 7×2
Gary Hamilton (Northern Ireland) vs. Douglas Morrison (Scotland)

67 kg Shane Weir vs. Niall Marrow
56 kg Grace Goody vs. Molly Concannon
58 kg Jay Snodden vs. Owen Leeuwangh
63 kg James Braniff vs. Fintan Perris
55 kg Joshua Madden vs. Daniel Brady
58 kg Adam Braniff vs. Dylan Murphy
58 kg Lewis Kirk vs. Raafat Kojok
62 kg Matthew Lam vs. Jack Anderson
54 kg Lewis Kerr vs. Josh Lutton
80 kg Reza Davies vs. TBA