Animated video of what happened in Joshua vs Ruiz 2 fight

Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz Jr 2 animation video
Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz Jr 2 animation | Mojahed Fudailat

Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz Jr 2

If you are a fan of combat sports you have likely watched the full fight or highlights, or at least heard the outcome of the rematch between Andy Ruiz Jr. and Anthony Joshua held this past weekend in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia. The pair went a full twelve-rounds distance, which ended in unanimous decision in favor of the latter, who took the revenge and reclaimed the heavyweight titles.

The “UFC Cartoon Guy” Mojahed Fudailat released a new clip that unveils what ‘actually’ happened in the Joshua vs. Ruiz 2 fight.

After twelve rounds Anthony Joshua (23-1, 21 KO) was the victor on all judges’ scorecards declaring 119-109, 118-110 and 118-110. Andy Ruiz Jr. (33-2, 22 KO) won their first bout at Madison Square Garden in New York City early June via stoppage in Round 7. After their second encounter both seemed to support the idea of the trilogy fight.

Post-fight Forbes shared the Twitter reaction and analysis. A couple of tweets is presented below.

“Ruiz’s face looks like wasn’t in a fight. But he needs to slow down with that third fight talk. He didn’t perform well enough to demand anything. Ruiz should get back in line with the PBC heavyweight stable and re-earn his respect,” Douglass Fischer, editor in chief of THE RING magazine, posted.

“Superb performance from Anthony Joshua, punch perfect masterful display. Had it 117-111. Job done,” shared his thoughts Chris McKenna, Football and Boxing Reporter at Daily Star Sport.

Former heavyweight Muay Thai world champion Nathan “Carnage” Corbett commented on Facebook “So pathetic!”

“He doesn’t deserve the money he got for the most boring fight in heavyweight history! Not one combination thrown in 12 rounds I’d be embarrassed to be a champion winning like that. You get paid millions to fight not run for 12 rounds,” wrote “The Man with the Golden Elbows”.

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