Too Too aspires take a revenge against Naimjon Tuhtaboyev. Furthermore, he puts his WLC middleweight title on the line.

More than five years after being haunted by the toughest loss in his career, Too Too gets another shot against that opponent on January 31 in Taungoo, Myanmar. The only caveat? He puts his World Lethwei Championship middleweight title on the line.

It was October 25, 2014 in Thailand. A young fighter by the name of Too Too stood in the ring, the one and subsequently only time challenging himself in a bareknuckle Muay Thai fight. His opponent that night was Naimjon Tuhtaboyev from Uzbekistan.

As soon as the opening bell rang, Tuhtaboyev turned on the aggression. After a flurry of strikes, he succeeded with a pinpoint precise spinning back elbow that dropped Too. The Burmese fighter would shake it off and get up before the ten count, but Tuhtaboyev had an overwhelming lead on the judges’ scorecard.

The Uzbek athlete would take the second round as well. Too needed a knockout in the final round to secure the victory. He landed a perfect southpaw kick, that dropped Tuhtaboyev, and he never let up in the last round as he hunted for the finish. Unfortunately, time ran out and he couldn’t get it done. Tuhtaboyev got the victory.

Since then, both athletes have seen their career skyrocket. Too Too is now the undisputed best in his sport, lethwei, in Myanmar, capturing the prestigious middleweight World Lethwei Championship belt. Tuhtaboyev has also gone on to face some of the best in Muay Thai and is no stranger to lethwei either, having fought in 2018.

Too Too and Naimjon Tuhtaboyev meet again. This time at the biggest lethwei event in 2020 – WLC: Battlebones taking place at Taungoo Football Stadium on January 31.

Whose skills have improved more since their first battle? Can Too avenge his loss or will Tuhtaboyev defeat him again and claim the title?

The world waits with bated breath of this highly anticipated rematch.