Georges St-Pierre: Knowledge is Power

Whether you are a hardcore or just an occasional MMA fan, you have certainly heard about the one and only Georges St-Pierre (26-2). The French-Canadian mixed martial artist is widely considered as one of the greatest of all time, being a two-division UFC champion (welterweight middleweight). He is also known for his somewhat “encounters” with the aliens.

“I know Karate and I know Jiu-Jitsu,” Georges St-Pierre said (joking) back in 2013 on the Joe Rogan Experience, when asked whether he had an escape plan. “If an alien shows up I’ll put a triangle choke on him. And I also have a Japanese Katana (sword).”

However, his coach at Tristar Gym Firas Zahabi has recently shared a story of how GSP makes sure he knows whether the aliens come to visit (transcribed by MMA Mania).

“He thinks aliens are stealing his time,” Rogan asked Zahabi.

“I share a hotel room with him many times,” Firas Zahabi said. “He puts a foam roller up against the door like this. I move it, I put it away – ‘No, bro, leave it there!’ For what? ‘In case the aliens get us.’ He’ll know the next day because the foam roller was moved.”

“Jesus Christ, doesn’t he think the aliens can come through the walls?” Rogan asked. “How are they taking him out? Taking him through the hallway holding his hand?”

“Because they wipe his memory after,” Zahabi explained. “But he’ll know because they don’t know he put the foam roller there. So when they move it, it’s a cue for him to remember.”

Georges St-Pierre, 38, is officially retired. He was last seen inside the Octagon in November 2017 when he submitted Michael Bisping in the third round to claim UFC middleweight belt. He can potentially make another return to action, but “it has to be a megafight”.