Saenchai personal Muay Thai training at Yokkao Training Centre Bangkok
Saenchai teaches Muay Thai at Yokkao Training Centre in Bangkok, Thailand | Pic: Facebook/Yokkao

Saenchai is widely considered as one of the greatest Muay Thai fighters of all time. Over the course of his career he won prestigious Lumpinee Boxing Stadium championship in four different weight classes, as well as collected a number of world titles.

The Thai champion has previously stated that he was not born a great Muay Thai fighter, but worked hard, aspiring to constantly evolve. The results of his dedication to sport speak for themselves.

At the age of 39 today, Saenchai is still fighting. In addition, he helps coaching a new generation of athletes, as well as provides a one on one Muay Thai training to those interested in learning “The Art of Eight Limbs”.

The question emerged on the Mixed Martial Arts forum regarding the cost of personal Muay Thai training with Saenchai. User “nek” asked “Private with Saenchai costs $8,000 USD, worth it?” Several other users responded that the price was in Thai baht.

The confusion seems to be happening due to the currency symbol displayed on the different (regional) versions of Yokkao website. The price listed on the UK sub-domain reads as “£8,000” (pound sterling symbol), while EU has it as “€8.000” (euro symbol) and Asia as “$8,000” (dollar symbol). Yet, it is indeed 8K.

We went ahead and contacted Yokkao Training Center in Bangkok, asking to clarify the cost (for this post).

The response received today reads as “8000THB Private Muay Thai training with Muay Thai Living Legend Saenchai 1 hour”.

They didn’t comment on a quite obvious currency display issue on their website, yet tried to book us for a training session.


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