Carnage Diary: Lion Fight, Seminar World Tour 2020, Elbow Striking System

With 2020 already in full steam ahead, I thought I’d give a quick recap of the past year, and follow up with the visions for the near future.


In 2019 I started my commentary career with Lion Fight, signing with them for the full year of Muay Thai events. This included three international shows in Ireland, Italy and Sweden, events in Las Vegas and LA, plus East Coast. Making it a total of nine promotions, it was a great start to the journey of calling fights.

At the start of the year I was still running seminars and teaching personal lessons, plus coaching a few MMA fighters up until June. I took a trip back to Australia and had double hip resurfacing surgery – something that had be bothering me on and off for years. Definitely not a fun trip, but I’m recovering and looking forward to the coming months. I’ll be back kicking like an animal.

To finish the year off, after a few months recovery from coaching, I trained two of my fighters for Bellator Hawaii. It was a successful night, having both win in the first round by submission. Not a Carnage Elbow, but it was a win either way.

Carnage Global 2020

The year kicks off this weekend in Las Vegas at Lion Fight 61. I am getting back behind the mic, calling all the action on CBS Sports Network.

I enjoy working with Lion Fight, being able to talk with the fighters and then sit ringside and be a part of the action.

Lion Fight 62 will be in Ireland on March 8. Being back in Europe I will also be running a few seminars in the UK, Switzerland and Serbia being the next edition of Carnage Seminar World Tour.

Before I hit Europe, I’ll be on the East Coast for a few weeks, teaching seminars in Boston, New York, Brooklyn and North Carolina.

In April – May I will be heading back to Australia to film my Elbow Striking System. It will be available online for users to purchase. It will include the teachings from my Carnage Seminars, details on mindset and attitude, and more.

I am also looking into a location for a Carnage Global Gym in the US.


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