Carnage Diary: European tour in March

March is going to be a huge month for me as I set off on my first “Carnage” European Tour since 2018. It kicks off behind the mic in Ireland on March 8 for Lion Fight 62 in Dublin.


Commentary is one of my new found passions. It is such fun to get to travel all over the World to call the action of the talented fighters I have the pleasure to meet.

Carnage Seminar: March 2020

The day after Lion Fight 62 I’m straight into action. I fly to the UK to connect with my dear friend Cieran, the owner of UKAMA Kickboxing and Karate Dojo in Woking. We met in 2000 while I was teaching karate and Muay Thai in Hong Kong and shared the same love for our teacher Pierre Ingrassia. After many years separated, as I was off fighting professionally and winning world titles, we reconnected in 2014, and ever since have built a great friendship and brotherhood.

I will be teaching two seminars at his dojo, plus a few classes and private lessons over the four nights (March 9-12) mixed in with plenty of long chats over coffee and food.

I am then off to Germany to teach Carnage Seminar at another friend’s gym on Saturday, March 14 in Leipzig. A friend that once before, back in 2008, was my opponent, Mike Sbrzesny. I’ve been to his gym back in 2014 for a seminar, just after I retired. We have stayed in contact ever since.

The following Monday I get the train to Berlin to catch my flight to Switzerland. This is a very exciting destination as I’ve never been to this country before. My friend Dany, owner of Ronin Carnage Global Switzerland, will be hosting three seminars in his home town, plus the capital between March 16-21.

My next destination is a also very big excitement for me, as I visit my friend Misa, who is also my business partner and owner of Ronin Carnage Global Serbia. I haven’t been to Serbia in the past two years. I am lookng forward to visit and teach all the fighters and friends that I’ve known since my first visit back in 2014, on my very first international seminar tour.

I will be in Novi Sad from March 22 to March 26, teaching and upgrading everyone with the Carnage Elbow Striking System, that has been incorporated into a blended style of both of us. High quality kickboxing drills, elbows and knees, and of course champion’s mentality.

A seminar at the Carnage Global Gym affiliate in Montenegro is scheduled for March 27. Then a quick stop back in Serbia, and off to Macedonia on March 30, where they are also an affiliate gym to the Ronin-Carnage Global brand.

I will finish off my tour in Vienna, Austria with one more Carnage Seminar, and a meeting with a great Serbian friend Nikola Radin to be a guest on his podcast.

I will then head back to the US, and not long after my arrival we have Lion Fight 63. The event takes place at Commerce Casino in Los Angeles on April 11.

2020 is most definitely going to be another year of great success. Carnage brand continues growing internationally, with more amazing friendships made along the way.


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