Boxing gloves
Boxing gloves / Pic: Emanuel Rudnicki

According to State Coroner the death of an Indian-origin bodybuilder occurred due to cardiomegaly – an enlarged heart with abnormal heart rhythms, Channel News Asia reported citing findings released on February 25. Pradip Subramanian took part in a celebrity Muay Thai match against YouTube personality Steven Lim. The contest took place at Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands on September 23, 2017.

The bout started at 8:12 pm (local time). The first round was uneventful. The second round commenced at 8:15 pm. Mr Pradip received three strikes to the face and was shoved off his balance. The referee attempted to get Mr Pradip to move forward. After three failed attempts the bout was waved off.

The winner was announced at 8.18 pm. Mr Pradip remained in his corner during a two-minute speech of Mr Lim. After receiving his medal he collapsed, and was attended by the doctor on-site.

He was admitted to the hospital and pronounced dead at 9.51 pm.

According to reports, prior to the bout the deceased had made a declaration that he was free from any adverse medical condition, had not reported any symptoms related to cardiomegal. He was cleared to compete on the day of the fight by doctor.

State Coroner Kamala Ponnampalam said that independent medical experts stated that the medical attention provided on-site was adequate and timely. The on-site doctor would not have been able to detect Mr Pradip’s medical condition, as it would have required an ECG (electrocardiogram) to have been conducted.

Autopsy evidence showed that Mr Pradip had an enlarged and heavy heart. The pathologist opined that the two conditions may have predisposed Mr Pradip to acute abnormal heart rhythms, resulting in sudden cardiac death.

It was noted that the forensic pathologist had certified Mr Pradip’s cause of death as an abnormally enlarged heart with genetic abnormality in heart cell proteins, which is “a natural disease process”.