World Lethwei Championship
World Lethwei Championship (WLC) is the largest bare knuckle fighting organization on the Planet

Late yesterday night, Myanmar announced its first confirmed cases of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). It was previously the world’s largest country by population not to report a single case of the pandemic. At World Lethwei Championship, our priority has always been health and safety, hence the decision to postpone scheduled for April 3 WLC: Khmer Kingdom a month ago. We are still committed to hosting an event in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and we look forward to treating our fans in Cambodia to a night of culture and entertainment.

This is not an ideal time for any organisation, sporting or otherwise, but adversity creates opportunity. I urge all business owners to take the down time to innovate, and even though this will not be the best year economically, we can still change the world by making what we do better.

At WLC, we are trying out every possible way to enhance the viewing experience and increase support for our athletes. We are testing out augmented reality and virtual reality technology, and we are providing our athletes with the latest data on nutrition and health for them to improve that aspect of their physical conditioning during this period of no competition.

Sport brings great joy to people worldwide, and we want to continue producing great lethwei content even through the toughest of times. We are currently working on a project that could start shooting now to provide fans with an alternative while live events are still not an option. Our show will help propel the sport of lethwei on the international stage and we have world-class names participating in this event.

I would like to encourage people to think of their community. I am so encouraged by the lethwei community and how we have come together to support each other through the crisis, and I hope all of us do the same, in our households, our work and our relationships.

This is an unprecedented crisis that will leave a lasting legacy. If we can learn to be more compassionate and considerate through these trying times, then the journey will not be in vain.