When it comes to fighting stars made in New Zealand, Israel Adesanya is the first string representing today. Yet, those familiar with combat sports of the past couple decades, the names of Mark Hunt and Ray Sefo certainly ring the bell.

Both are the true legends of original K-1. Each cemented his name in history as one of the greatest fighters from Oceania. Both have also competed in boxing and MMA, with Hunt furthering his name globally in the UFC. Furthermore, they faced one another.

Mark Hunt and Ray Sefo squared off in Fukuoka, Japan almost 19 years ago. The contest was a semi-final bout of K-1 World Grand Prix 2001.

The scheduled for three rounds encounter went a full distance. Both athletes threw kicks, punches and everything in between. At some point both stopped blocking punches, testing who can take more hits and whose chin was stronger.

In addition, one can say, the second three minutes of the fight could be dubbed as kickboxing’s greatest round ever. The video of a three-round war, titled “Have you seen it”, hit the stream this week.

In the end Ray Sefo was awarded a unanimous decision. He, however, was unable to step inside the squared circle for the second time on the same night due eye injury suffered in the fight against “The Super Samoan”. As a result, Mark Hunt proceeded to the final where he TKO’d Adam Watt of Australia in the third round and earned his spot in the K-1 World Grand Prix Finals held in Tokyo at the end of the same year.


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