GLORY Kickboxing continues its series of clips titled “Have you seen this” with a highlight of Rico Verhoeven. The promotion hit the stream with the 2016 fight held in New Jersey, where Dutch champion faced Brazilian challenger Anderson Silva.

Verhoeven faced Silva in defense of his heavyweight title. The scheduled for five rounds championship bout headlined the event billed as GLORY 33 New Jersey. The contest didn’t go the distance.

Prior to Round 2, Verhoeven landed 16 out of 22 kicks. Silva delivered a hundred percent ratio, yet only of 6.

Early on the second minute of the second round Verhoeven dropped Silva with an inside right leg kick. The latter beat the count and the fight resumed. Yet at 2:20 “The King of Kickboxing” threw left kick to the head, dropping his opponent to the canvas for the second time. The latter once again got back on his feet.

Five seconds till the end of the round, Verhoeven threw an inside right low kick again, which ultimately dropped Silva. The referee waved the fight off, declaring the win in favor of the reigning champion via TKO (three-knockdown rule) at the official time stamp of 2 minutes and 57 seconds into the second round.

For those interest in inside leg kick technique in Muay Thai and kickboxing, the video below might be helpful.

In his previous outing in December 2019 Rico Verhoeven faced K-1 kickboxing legend Badr Hari in the rematch. Although the champion “was loosing the fight” and was dropped twice (video here), he took the win via third-round TKO, after “Golden Boy” suffered leg injury (more on this here).

Amid coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis it is unclear, at this stage, when Rico Verhoeven steps inside the squared circle next.


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