Watch 8 Bloopers in Kickboxing (video)

Kickboxing Planet is rich on knockouts, spectacular, as well as, sometime extravaganza performance. Yet, some of the moments from inside the squared circle can leave the fight fans not only with “wow”, but also with “haha” and “oufff” expressions.


This may include those times when both fighters get KO’d simultaneously, or when the referee catches one of those flying kicks or spinning-back fists, and everything in between.

The eight-fight video compilation of bloopers in kickboxing hit the stream today. It features some of the funny moments as well as a couple of low blows.

Among the highlights, Mirko Cro Cop rocks Bob Sapp. The latter not only drops on the canvas, but seems to be also dropping in tears.

The fight of Gokhan Saki, when he went up against the giant himself, Semmy Schilt, ended in favor of “Hightower”. Yet, one can say, the referee was sleeping, since he raised the hand of “The Rebel” when the winner was announced.

In addition, Jerome Le Banner KO’s his opponent, after the fight was waved off. Andrey Gerasimchuk and Fabio Pinca receive low blows. Alka Matewa enters the ring in style of “This is Sparta”.


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