Spinning back fist is one of those unexpected yet devastating strikes. Body rip is one of those heavy punches, indeed. Either can become the final blow, that turns the lights off and ends the fight.

The video featuring both shots, within just over a minute, hit the stream today in terms of “Have You Seen This” series of clips. The flashback is the 2013 GLORY Kickboxing debut of Russian light heavyweight champion Artem Vakhitov.

Battling it out in New York City, Vakhitov faced Luis Tavares in the scheduled for three rounds matchup. The Russian kickboxer dropped his opponent in 19 seconds of the first round with spinning back fist. The latter beat the count and the fight resumed.

At 1 minute and 6 seconds Vakhitov delivered left hook to the body (aka body rip), sending Taveres to the canvas for the second time. It was the final strike between the two.

In February UFC released a compilation that features as many as 17 finishes due to spinning back fist, kick and elbow. The video can be found here.


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