Home workout: Advanced glutes and abs (video)

This advanced glutes and abs workout targets the glute and core muscles. It can be done at home with minimal or no equipment and takes around 60 minutes to complete.


It is similar in format to this 30 minute home workout for glutes and abs, however the difficulty is advanced in two ways.

First, it includes more single side exercises to further develop balance and coordination. For example, instead of performing a standard Romanian deadlift, we perform the movement on one leg at a time. This mean your muscles have to work a lot harder to stabilise the movement. Also, if you only have a couple of lighter weights at home, they will feel a lot more challenging when added as resistance to a single side exercise.

Second, the workout uses slower lifting tempos, resulting in longer time under tension (TUT). Time under tension, or TUT, is the length of time that your muscles are under strain during a set. Working with longer TUT makes your muscles work harder, even when just using bodyweight or lighter weights than you usually lift. For example, the paused sumo squat uses a tempo of 4 seconds on the way down, a 3 second pause at the bottom, then 1 second to press back up. When you perform the movement at this tempo, you will quickly feel how much harder it is compared to moving through the exercise at a faster pace.

Warm up

All workouts should start with a warm up to prepare your muscles and joints for the work ahead. This workout includes four warm up exercises, which are demonstrated and discussed in the video:

Deep squat to hamstring stretch
Side plank w/ rotation
Good mornings
Monster walk

Advanced glutes and abs workout at home

A1: Single leg Romanian deadlift (tempo 4010) – 8-10 reps each side.
A2: Double arm/leg dead bugs – 10-12 reps.
Rest: 1-2 minutes.
(Repeat 2 more times)

B1: Paused Sumo squat (tempo 4310) – 8-10 reps.
B2: Superman plank – 8-10 reps each side.
Rest: 1-2 minutes.
(Repeat 2 more times)

C1: Bulgarian split squat w/ pulse – 8-10 reps each side.
C2: Lying windshield wipers – 10-12 reps each side.
Rest: 1-2 minutes.
(Repeat 2 more times)

Burnout finisher

D1: Glute kickback pulses – to failure each side.
D2: Wood chop – 20 reps each side.
D3: Side lying hip raise – to failure each side.
Rest: 1 minute.
(Repeat 2 more times)

Watch the video above for technique cues to make sure you are performing the movements with proper form. Also remember that when you are working to failure during the burnout finisher, make sure you stop one repetition before you lose form. Your last repetition should still be a proper rep.

If you’re just starting out with strength training, you might like this 30-minute glute workout for beginners, or this 30-minute full body workout for beginners.

You can also stay up to date with new workouts on my Instagram.


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