Home workout: 20-minute Full Body with Dumbbells (video)

This 20-minute full body dumbbell workout covers upper body, lower body and core. If you don’t have dumbbells, you can just hold two household objects of equal weight, such as water bottles or cans of food. Anything you can get a good grip on should work.


The workout is made up of five compound exercises. The first four movements combines lower body and upper body movements, with your core working to stabilise the movement. The fifth movement places further emphasis on your core.

You complete each exercise for three rounds, with the work and rest periods decreasing each round. Since each movement is a compound one recruiting large muscle groups, the workout also gets your heart rate up.

Full body dumbbell workout at home

Warm up

First you will complete a warm up consisting of the following exercises:

Good mornings – 10 reps.
This is a hip hinge exercise that warms up your glutes, hamstrings and spinal erector muscles.

Deep squat to Hamstring stretch – 10 reps.
This is a dynamic movement that warms up and increases range of motion in your glutes, hamstrings, groin and adductors.

Push ups – 10 reps.
To warm up your upper body, the push ups should be performed at full range, taking your chest to the floor and full extension at the top. If you can’t complete full range push ups on your toes, drop down to your knees.


5 exercises. 3 rounds.

Round 1: 60 sec work, 30 sec rest.
Round 2: 45 sec work, 15 sec rest.
Round 3: 30 sec work, 10 sec rest.

Exercise 1: Sumo Deadlift to Upright Row.
Exercise 2: Reverse Lunge to Curl and Press.
Exercise 3: Kneeling Squat to Triceps Extension.
Exercise 4: Split Squat to Bent Over Row.
Exercise 5: Chest press to Overhead Sit Up.

For an explanation of how to perform each exercise, watch the video above. It includes voiceover cues and a timer with beeps so you can press play and do the workout with me. You will also find time stamps in the video description if you want to skip to a particular exercise.

If you would like to try a full body workout without any equipment or added resistance, try this 30-minute full body workout for beginners.

You can also stay up to date with new workouts on my Instagram.


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