Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson is a former undisputed heavyweight champion / Pic: Facebook / MikeTyson

Boxing legend Mike Tyson makes boxing comeback. At the age of 53, former undisputed heavyweight champion, however, is not looking to fight for the belts, but wants to raise money for charity. Nevertheless, he has been offered, as much or as little but, $20 million USD (approx $30 million AUD) to, in fact, take off the gloves, and compete bare-knuckle.

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship has offered “Iron Mike” a guaranteed fee to face one of the fighter currently signed to its roster. The promotion is also looking to work with Tyson in ways other than having him actually throwing punches in the ring.

“While we did make a guaranteed offer of $20 million for Mike [Tyson] to fight for BKFC, we’re open to many different options as to how we can work together,” Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship President David Feldman told Heavy.com.

A video recently hit the stream showing Tyson hitting mitts. The footage titled “I’m a Bad Boy for Life” features a well-known speed and power of “Iron Mike” (watch it here).

“Obviously, the excitement of seeing Mike’s video showing himself training and desire to participate in exhibitions inspired us to reach out and make the offer,” Feldman said.

Mike Tyson was last seen inside the squared circle as a professional boxer in June 2005. He retired at the age of 38 with the 50-6, 44 KO, 2 NC record.


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