Watch jumping scissor knee in GLORY kickboxing debut

Spectacular strikes, such as jumping scissor knee, can be quite often seen when it comes to a high level of stand up fighting. Here is a kickboxing bout between Sergej Maslobojev and Bahram Rajabzadeh, when they made their GLORY debut in Dusseldorf, Germany in October 2019. The video hit the stream today in terms of “Have you seen this” series of clips.


The pair of light heavyweights squared off in a three-round bout. The contest was featured on the SuperFight Series portion of GLORY 69 fight card.

Maslobojev brought to the table a record of 31-3, 19 KOs. Rajabzadeh was undefeated with then untouched record of 57-0, including 54 KOs.

The opening round saw Rajabzadeh leading on the judges’ scorecards all way until the moment of impact when Maslobojev performed that spectacular jumping scissor knee, sending his opponent to the canvas. Nevertheless, the latter got up and beat the count. The fight resumed for just a second as the bell rang.

The following two rounds featured a versatile performance to both competitors throwing kicks, punches and knees. Maslobojev suffered a low blow in the second, while Rajabzadeh received a cut due to an accidental head clash in the third.

In the end Sergej Maslobojev (31-5-0, 19 KO) was awarded a unanimous decision. Bahram Rajabzadeh (57-1-0, 54 KO) suffered the first defeated in his professional kickboxing career.

For those looking for a KNOCKOUT due to a jumping scissor knee here is a “Must Watch” video, featuring Bryan Lang claiming WKN European super featherweight title against Nicola Canu. You can watch it and leave comments below.


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