Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson is a former undisputed heavyweight champion / Pic: Facebook / MikeTyson

Boxing legend Mike Tyson is making a comeback. Former undisputed heavyweight champion is looking to fight in order to raise money for charity.

“Iron Mike” was recently offered a guaranteed fee of $20 million USD to face one of the fighters signed with Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (approx $30 mil AUD). In addition, he was invited to step inside the squared circle in Melbourne, Australia in 2021 where he would face one of the footy and rugby stars – Sonny Bill Williams, Barry Hall or Paul Gallen, and receive a $3 million paycheck.

According to celebrity agent Max Markson, Tyson’s people messaged him to say “Iron Mike” was not interested, Daily Mail reported. A fight against a ruby player “would be an insult to boxing”.

“Mike read the story (in the Daily Mail) that he would be fighting a rugby player. He has said he would not do that as it would be an insult to boxing,” the message read.

“He says if he does get back into the ring it will be with a real boxer.”

At the age of 53, Mike Tyson still throws hands and moves fast and furious (watch this video). He was last seen in the boxing ring as a professional in June 2005 when he was 38.


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