Stream UFC Vegas 41 Costa vs Vettori live on ESPN+
Stream UFC Vegas 41 Costa vs Vettori live on ESPN+
Stream UFC Vegas 41 Costa vs Vettori live on ESPN+
Stream UFC Vegas 41 Costa vs Vettori live on ESPN+
Stream UFC Vegas 41 Costa vs Vettori live on ESPN+
Stream UFC Vegas 41 Costa vs Vettori live on ESPN+
Stream UFC Vegas 41 Costa vs Vettori live on ESPN+
Stream UFC Vegas 41 Costa vs Vettori live on ESPN+

Potential World Lethwei Championship fights

While live World Lethwei Championship is on pause, the desire for additional content grows stronger. We look at three title bouts that we want to see the moment we get WLC fight action on our television screens again.

Sasha Moisa vs Thway Thit Win Hlaing


Sasha Moisa to defend WLC light middleweight title against Thway Thit Win Hlaing.

Sasha Moisa is the undisputed light middleweight champion. He is one of the most famous lethwei fighters coming out of WLC. He won the title in an epic fashion, by defeating the previous champion Artur Saladiak, dropping him over five rounds in the “Fight of the Year”. The video of the bout can be found here.

Moisa is an aggressive fighter and he likes to give the opponent pressure in close range. He is always well prepared for the adversary he faces. His punching power can knock the opponent down with one hit. He is unpredictable and never wastes his power in vain. He can read the opponent’s techniques really fast and use that against them to finish the fight. In summary, it all makes Sasha Moisa one of the greatest lethwei fighters in history.

Thway Thit Win Hlaing is a fan favorite. He is very artistic in the way he fights. He is tied for the most wins in WLC, and truly deserves a title opportunity. His strikes are impossible to predict, making this an interesting match up to see mentally which fighter can figure the other out first.

Myanmar fans are also optimistic that Thway Thit Win Hlaing is the next big lethwei superstar. He needs to win the most prestigious title in the sport to help him reach the pinnacle.

Nou Srey Pov vs Souris Manfredi

Nou Srey Pov vs. Souris Manfredi for WLC women’s bantamweight championship.

Cambodian female fighter Nou Srey Pov proved her world-class skills by becoming the first woman to win a bout at a World Lethwei Championship event. She has some of the best boxing skills and can dominate the opponent if they get into a technical battle. Her footwork is amazing and she always fires away with rapid punch and elbow combos.

In her past two fights Nou Srey Pov baited her opponents into high-intensity exchanges, but because of her relentless pressure, the opponents wear down rapidly.

Souris Manfredi is undoubtedly the face of the women’s division in World Lethwei Championship. In her debut, she systematically dismantled the efforts of Cambodia’s Eh Yanut over three rounds.

At her next bout, Manfredi only needed two rounds to stop her opponent. As a result she became the first woman in WLC to record a knockout. She has demonstrated a willingness to use all nine limbs (including headbutt), as allowed in lethwei, and has all the makings of the first female superstar.

Antonio Faria vs Nguyen Tran Duy Nhat

Antonio Faria to defend WLC light welterweight title against Nguyen Tran Duy Nhat.

WLC light welterweight champion Antonio Faria started out his lethwei career in lightweight, beginning with a bout in 2018 that many remarked as ‘The Greatest Bout in Lethwei History’. In that contest, the Portuguese competitor took on Myanmar’s Mite Yine. The fighters exchanged more than 500 strikes in less than two rounds, setting a new world record. The fight video can be found here.

To date Faria has never needed the judges. He ended all of his fights by knockout or TKO. He is easily one of the world’s greatest combat sports athletes at his weight class. The way he throws his elbows is simply exquisite.

Nguyen Tran Duy Nhat is Vietnam’s biggest combat sports superstar. At his debut in WLC he knocked his opponent out with one of the most incredible kicks. That high roundhouse is one of the best weapons in the sport today. He can end any fight in an instant.

The fight between Faria and Nguyen promises to be one of the most exciting bouts in the history of the sport. The anticipation is through the roof.


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