Days prior to the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic started, World Kickboxing Network hosted a world-class event in Europe. The three-fight WKN championship card took place in Villejuif, France, where the A-list representatives of the country-host went up against international opponents.

Among the bouts, local Bertrand Lambert faced off Spanish Nicola Giacomo. The full fight video hit the stream today.

The contest saw a non-stop kickboxing action during the whole five rounds. The athletes traded kick for kick and punch for punch. There have been a superman punch, a myriad of spinning back kicks, double uppercuts, and everything in between.

In the second round Lambert scored the first knockdown with right hook. Giacomo beat the eight count and the fight resumed.

Half way through the final round the French kickboxer delivered a spinning kick to the body, dropping his opponent to the canvas for the second time. The latter, however, once again beat the count, and the contest went a full distance.

In the end, Bertrand Lambert was awarded a unanimous decision. He became a new WKN European champion in the lightweight division.

The full fight knockout video from Villejuif Boxing Show 2, featuring heavy-hitters Amine Kebir and David Mihajlov, was released yesterday. The WKN World championship bout between lightweights Yannick Reine and Seung Kim can be found here.


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