GLORY Kickboxing hit the stream with a four-minute video compilation comprising as many as 25 “soothing” knockdowns “to help you through your day”. A slow motion clip features hooks, body punches, jumping scissor knee, a myriad of left kicks to the head, and everything in between.

The likes of Alex Pereira, Badr Hari, Verhoeven, are seen in action, among others.

You can watch the video up top.

Other videos recently released by the organization, featuring full fights, devastating KOs, knockdowns and more can be found here.

The previous event produced by GLORY was held in Utrecht, Holland late February (results here).

Three following shows in Miami, FL, USA and Rotterdam, the Netherlands, have been cancelled due to coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The scheduled for June 20 bout between Hari and Benjamin Adegbuyi has been postponed.

The new dates are expected to be announced in the coming weeks, as things seem to start rolling forward.


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