World Kickboxing Network introduces ‘Rising Stars’ concept for junior competitors

The World Kickboxing Network announced the development of a new concept for junior competitors. The amateur branch titled “Rising Stars” is set to continue building a new generation of prominent athletes around the Globe.


The first-timer winning the belt will be dubbed “Bronze”, where the title equals national championship. The second belt is titled “Silver”, with continental title on the line. “Gold” is awarded to athlete winning the third belt – world championship.

The competitors will be classified not only by the country they represent, but also by their gym, giving an opportunity to gym owners to regain prominence.

The contests will proceed in accordance with the rules and conditions of a local governmental authority (e.g. Athletic Commission). The athletes will compete in their respective weight and ages classes.

Prior to competition: A written permission to compete (declaration) must be made by parents (legal guardian), followed by a written confirmation from the event organizer (promoter). The athletes must receive a clearance and be deemed “fit” to compete by physician.

The bouts will proceed in “Light Contact” (knockout and knockdown prohibited) with athletes wearing a protective equipment. The judgement criteria is solely based on technique.

The rules are being finalised.

In addition to a special belt, the winner will receive a medal and a certificate. The athlete can compete for the same belt (defend) numerous times.

The first “Rising Stars” kickboxing event, organized by Osman Yigin, is planned to be staged in Belgium. More information is expected to be announced in the coming weeks.


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