GLORY Kickboxing continues sharing the clips, showcasing some of the most spectacular knockouts in its history. A new video titled “Brutal Big Man KO” hit the stream today, featuring a devastating left hook.

The contest features Michael Duut up against Mourad Bouzidi at GLORY 59 Amsterdam, held in September 2019. The lights went off four seconds till the final bell, when “The Dream Crusher” knocked “The Silent Power” out with a short left hook followed by right hand.

You can watch the video up top.

Earlier in his career Duut was arguably on edge to secure an upset, when he downed “The King of the Ring” himself, Tyrone Spong, on the first minute of their fight mid 2013 with straight right. The latter, however, shook it off and paid back, flooring his opponent with a massive overhand right.

Check out the video of full fight below.

For those looking for more kickboxing knockouts, the six scariest KOs with punches can be found here.


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