GLORY hit the stream with a five-fight compilation, that features some of the most controversial finishes in kickboxing history. The video goes back to the heyday of original K-1, with the likes of Badr Hari and Jerome Le Banner, battling it out inside the squared circle.

The fifth spot, however, belongs to a fairly recent event in Strasbourg, France, when Cedric Doumbe scored the second-round TKO in March 2019. Prior to securing the win via a three-knockdown rule, “Doumced” left the ring, assuming the job was already done, after he dropped his opponent twice. Yet, the fight resumed only to be finished one second till the end of Round 2.

Jerome Le Banner’s “late hit” is on the fourth place. The referee waved the fight off, yet it was not clear to the fighters. “Geronimo” landed right hook, after he saw his opponent back on his feet in front of him.

The second fight between Anissa Meksen and Jady Mendez follows. The result of a five-round women’s kickboxing championship ended in favor of the latter, who took the win by, one can say ‘an indeed’ controversial split decision.

Badr Hari’s defeat via a 52-second right punch KO against Ruslan Karaev in 2006 caused quite a bit of argument after it was all over. Karaev kicked Hari while the latter was on the floor, yet the referee did not count it as a foul.

The top spot goes to Murthel Groenhart’s “punch from behind” in 2017, when Harut Grigorian turned away after being tagged by a jumping scissor knee. A spectacular kickboxing night ended in a chaos (watch here).

You can watch the video up top.


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