Relaxed from vacation Dana White hands out five UFC contracts to ‘savage’ TJ Laramie, ‘killer’ Cory McKenna, ‘sniper’ Dustin Stoltzfus and more

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Dana White's Contender Series - Season 4: Week 2

The Dana White’s Contender Series Season 4, Week 2 is now in history. The event saw five bouts (results here) with all winners getting a new deal with the UFC.


“It was a tough one tonight,” Dana White said when asked what took it so long to make a decision. “We obviously saw some good talent here tonight. I love decisive finishes, I love finishes that there is no doubt about it. Make me not say no to you.”

The first fight on the night saw Impa Kasanganay taking a unanimous decision against Anthony Adams. It was his second attempt at earning a UFC contract.

“We’ll start obviously with Impa, his second time here. Kid’s an athlete, 26-years-old, he is coming into his prime. I think he has potential. [But] I have questions.”

“Apparently, he’s agreed to fight August 22nd on the Edgar vs Munhoz card – so he can answer my questions then. Welcome to the UFC.”

The next fighter, who joined the leading MMA promotion was TJ Laramie. He took the win against Daniel Swain by TKO, when the doctor called it off after the first round.

“Now we go to TJ Laramie – absolute savage. He definitely did, what I said. Got out of some incredible submissions, showed no fear on the ground whatsoever, when he was getting locked up. Then literally grounded and pounded him to the point where the kid couldn’t get off the stool and finish it, hard time getting up at the end of the round. I love savages, I love guys that fight like this kid fights. Welcome to the UFC, kid.”

Talking the next matchup that saw between Cory McKenna scoring a unanimous decision against Vanessa Demopoulos, White said it “was a real tough one” to make a decision.

“Cory McKenna now, the girl she fought Vanessa – the matchmakers were very high on her. I think she was a big underdog too on this fight in the sports books. She is tough, she is well-rounded, she is willing to bang, she’s got great ground work, she is sweet as can be, she has great interviews. She is sweet, but when she gets in there she is a killer, and I love that about her.”

“My only reservation with her – she is super young. I mean she is 20-years-old. So we started looking at the Top 15, and people we thought she could fight, how we thought she’d match up.”

“I’m on the fence with her, I think that she is young and she needs a lot of work, and could get a lot more experience at these other places. But I just got back from vacation and I’m in a great mood tonight, so I am gonna give her a shot, we will see what she’s got.”

The pre-last fight on the card saw Adrian Yanez securing the win by TKO against Brady Huang in just 39 seconds.

“Adrian, I didn’t get to see much, but what I did see was clean, accurate, this dude is a sniper. And I look forward to see him more in the UFC. You are in.”

The headliner of the night, saw Dustin Stoltzfus taking the win against Joe Pyfer in the first round, after the latter got his elbow dislocated and was unable to continue.

“Dustin, first of all, the thing that bummed me out about Dustin fight, is that we were just heating up, I was actually really getting into that fight, when he made everybody puke,” White said.

“His record is now 13-1, he’s got tonne of experience, you could tell in there no matter where the fight went he was poised, he is a vet, this kid looked super sharp. Not only is he in, but I actually really expect big things from this kid. Congratulations.”

“”Everybody [is in]. I just got back from vacation. It was a good night. There is some good talent here. Obviously, we have some good questions on some of these younger people, but the best way to find out is give the an opportunity and let them try.”

Dana White’s Contender Series is a weekly event, airing on Tuesdays, that sees up and coming MMA fighters battling it out with a chance to earn a UFC contract. The next show is scheduled for August 18.


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