Buakaw vs Saenchai winner decided in arm wrestling stunt

Around two decades ago there were a few of those wondering, who would kick whose butt if Terminator would face off against Rambo, and stuff like that. These days it got to the point that YouTubers, with zero to very little fight experience, take on each other inside the squared circle and throw punches for real. As for the true Muay Thai heroes, some might have tried to guess, who would be the baddest man between Buakaw Banchamek, Yodsanklai Fairtex and Saenchai. This week we got some sort of answer featuring K-1 World Max champion and four-division Lumpinee Boxing Stadium champion.


Saenchai recently shared a video on his Instagram page, which shows him, somewhat, squaring off against Buakaw Banchamek. Well, not that they kick or elbow one another – they “meet” in an arm wrestling “match” at the food place.

While Saenchai puts “all of his efforts in” and “tries hard’ to defeat Buakaw, moreover almost wins, the latter casually finishes his (let’s say chicken) meal and puts his Thai-fellow down. You can watch it below, and it is funny.


Also, the shared video seems to be first filmed for TikTok, as it has its watermark in the top left corner. Yyes, 40-year-old Muay Thai star is also quite good at dancing. Who would have thought, right?

Those familiar with Saenchai definitely enjoy hilarious pics and videos he often shares on his social media. Check out the clip from last August, when he got dominated by Buakaw on the football field – you can watch it here.

As for real fighting, Saenchai was in action this past September. Battling it out in the headliner of Thai Fight: New Normal he scored the 55th win in a row (video here).

Buakaw hasn’t fought since almost a year. Nevertheless, in January 2020 he was named Top 3 favorite athlete in Thailand.


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