Fightlore: Preview Nick Diaz vs Joe Riggs brawl in the hospital (video)

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The UFC released another preview of UFC Fight Pass original series “Fightlore”. The video titled “ER Brawl” covers the happenings post-fight between Nick Diaz and Joe Riggs.


The pair met at UFC 57 back in 2006. Riggs took the win by unanimous decision. The fighters, however, weren’t done fighting.

After a three-round battle inside the MMA cage both were admitted to the hospital. Riggs had his hands inquired, as well, as he says, was dehydrated.

Long story short, Riggs was walking to the nurses station, that happened to be next to Nick Diaz’s room. He says he heard him yelling, and walked in.

“He knew better than to come over by me,” Nick Diaz says. “He knows I’m f**cking nuts.”

And the action begins…

“I turned back around… and I can hear him walking,” Joe Riggs says. “And as I turn – I see ‘boom’ – he dropped me.”

Nate Diaz happened to be there too. He jumped in. (What did you expect?)

Then there was a screaming nurse followed by a real siren (alarm). You can watch the preview up top.


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