Stream Herring vs Stevenson live on ESPN+
Stream Herring vs Stevenson live on ESPN+
Stream Herring vs Stevenson live on ESPN+
Stream Herring vs Stevenson live on ESPN+
Stream Herring vs Stevenson live on ESPN+
Stream Herring vs Stevenson live on ESPN+
Stream Herring vs Stevenson live on ESPN+
Stream Herring vs Stevenson live on ESPN+

The best World Lethwei Championship knockouts in 2020

Time flies and the absolute madness that is 2020 is almost over. During this year, the bare knuckle fighting industry-leader, World Lethwei Championship continued to forge ahead despite the challenging circumstances. Even through the difficulties, the promotion managed to hold three spectacles in 2020 and gave us some banging knockouts.

Nur Mohammad vs Myagmasuren Borkhuu


The debutants of the promotion faced off against each other at the opening bout of WLC: Hideout Battle in August and made clear statements that they are ready for the sport.

In the first round, the Uzbek fighter Nur Mohammad made the opponent hard to set up his techniques and hit him hard with his punches. But the Mongolian athlete started using his low kicks in the first round again and again. In the second and third rounds, they were exchanging the nine limbs to knockout each other but Myagmasure Borkhuu was more focusing to strike the leg kicks following combinations including headbutts.

At the opening minute of the fourth round, Nur Mohammad tried to knock the Mongolian out but left himself exposed, and an uppercut, outside low kicks, and headbutt combo of Borkhuu finished off him for the fight, capping off an impressive performance.

Thar Win Tun vs Eh Mwe

At WLC: Battlebones, the promising youngster Eh Mwe took against the experienced athlete Thar Win Tun for the Lightweight bout.

Trading nine limbs throughout the fight, the bout was full of back-and-forth Lethwei action. Then Eh Mwe beautifully set That Win Tun up for the body kicks and dominated the fight starting from the second round. In the third round, Eh Mwe used his powerful weapons, knees, and punches to knockout the opponent but Thar Win Tun avoided those cleverly. Eh Mwe did not stop his attacking despite the toughness of Thar Win Tun was on his way.


In the last round, Eh Mwe started targeting the midsection of his opponent with repeated kicks, and finally, the left kick dropped Thar Win Tun on the canvas, and Eh Mwe notch a victory with KO.

Somiong Luktupfah vs Sok Rith

Thailand based famous Myanmar sensation Somiong debuted World Lethwei Championship fight at WLC: Battlebones and he battled with Cambodian Sok Rith for a Bantamweight bout.

During the first round, both athletes tried to study the approach to each other. But in the second round, Somiong incredibly dodged Sok Rith’s knockout weapon, high kicks, and set him up for the body kicks, liver punches, and killer knees. He started striking his opponent’s stomach area with a powerful kick following a punch combination which dropped Sok Rith for the first count.

After that, Somiong knocked him down again with knees and elbows for the second count, and then he finally finished off Sok Rith with his trademark, push kick to the abdomen, and got a win in the first fight since the return to his home country.

Antonio Faria vs Francisco Vinuelas

The Light Welterweight World Lethwei Champion, Antonio Faria defended his title for the first time at WLC: Lethwei Showcase.

The opponent was an experienced and versatile athlete Francisco Vinuelas from Spain. In the very first round, a punch combination by Vinuelas floored the champion hard and he was knocked down on the canvas. But the champion showed his heart to defend his precious title in the second round avoiding the dirty boxing technique of the Spanish athlete and destroyed him in the third round.

His relentless approach with knees in the clinch and devasting elbows left Vinuelas unable to answer the bell in between rounds, helping Faria notch his first title defense.

Souris Manfredi vs Maisha Katz

For the inaugural Women’s Bantamweight World Lethwei Championship, French athlete Souris Manfredi took against Maisha Katz of Spain at WLC: Hideout Battle.

The war for the historic title was beyond all expectations and recognized as one of the best female bouts this year in any discipline. They both did not hesitate to strike each other and used all the nine limbs timely and precisely the entire bout.

But after four rounds of lethwei action, the determination and hard work of Souris Manfredi yielded great result and she became the first Women’s World Lethwei Champion.

The 2020 World Lethwei Awards will be open from 1 December. Voters stand to win limited edition merchandise as they choose their favourite stars and action from the 2020 season. More information can be found on the WLC official page on Facebook.


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