Muay Thai elbow strikes in Carnage Corner and Lion Fight 64 recap (video)

Another amazing event passes, as we close off on Lion Fight 64 with a quick recap of the evening. The event was held in Kansas last Friday (March 12). It was our second show of the year, with 6 Muay Thai fights live on UFC Fight Pass.


The feature match ups were the two heavyweight tournament bouts and the main event, with the current LF world and North American super cruiserweight champion Steve Walker retaining his belt via spinning back kick KO against Brian Collette.

With some states in the US allowing attendance, we were lucky to get an almost full crowd of up to 1000 people, being 60% of full capacity. It certainly felt much better having a crowd, to cheer the fighters as they went to war.

As featured on all LF televised shows, we had another “Carnage Corner” segment, which is a series of conversations to help educate and allow the listeners watching, to learn about Muay Thai. It gives them a better understanding of some common questions and reason behind “why” or “how” it is done.

The timing of this segment was perfect, just after Joe Stripling went five rounds throwing multiple elbow attacks, and cutting his opponent a few times.


Carnage Corner was talking about the elbow strikes of Muay Thai, and finished off with showing one of my many victory world title fights, featuring various elbow strikes. As been dubbed the “Man with the Golden Elbows” and “Elbow Master” it was super exciting to watch Stripling using the same elbow attacks that I’ve taught him and others all around the world in my seminars. You can watch it below.

Carnage Striking, has become a powerful system of fighting and mentality. As the world begins to open up, I look forward to again hold Carnage Seminars all over the Globe.

My Carnage Elbow Striking System is also in the beginning stages of production. It will be soon available online.

Using my experience of fighting over 50 fights with elbows and having 64 professional fights total, I have developed a great system to help understand and develop “Carnage Elbows”.

The fight results from LF 64 can be found below. The next event will be held on April 9.

Lion Fight 64 results

Steve Walker (9-0) def. Brian Collette (27-6) by KO (spinning head kick, R1 at 0:48) – retains Lion Fight North American super cruiserweight Title

Warren Thompson (11-8) def. Cody East (5-2) by unanimous decision (48-47, 48-47, 48-47) – advances to final of Lion Fight North American heavyweight tournament

Joe Stripling (6-1) def. Terrance Hodges (6-2) by majority decision (47-47, 48-46, 48-46) – advances to final of Lion Fight North American heavyweight tournament

Cody Carrillo (7-3) def. Chance Thackston (3-1) by TKO

Andy “Nguyen (2-2) def. Crystal Van Wyk (0-1) by unanimous decision (50-43, 50-43, 50-43)

Mike Triana (7-1) def. Cody Moberly (23-16) by TKO


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