‘You are a psychopath’ – Matty Matheson talks Australian ‘Carnage’ Nathan Corbett on Joe Rogan Podcast

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The famed Canadian chef Matty Matheson appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience, Podcast #1641. The episode hit the stream today (April 29 AEST).


Part of the conversation covered Martial Arts, including UFC, MMA, Aikido, Jiu-Jitsu… eventually leading to Muay Thai, which is “bananas and wild”, as per the host of the most famous podcast and his guest.

Check out below what was said among everything.

“Carnage,” said Matheson. “You know f**king Carnage?”.

“Oh yeah, Corbett. Nathan Corbett,” Rogan said. “You can just say his nickname and I know him”.

“You know “Carnage, Nath? Psychopath,” Matheson continued.

“Nathan Corbett is a bad motherf*cker,” Rogan said.

“Psychopath,” Matheson said. “Dude, I met him, once again, through the RVCA dudes. Watching his highlight reel…”

“So I am sitting with this guy [Nathan Corbett]… Once again, I love that I don’t really know too much, so you can meet people on these genuine, good starting grounds.”

“We are literally just hanging out. I am just like ‘what do you do?’. Cause, you know, I love going to Australia, I’ve been to Australia like seven times, got a big good crew down there.”

“And he is like ‘I am a Muay Thai kickboxer’. And I was like ‘Oh crazy! Your face is kind of [busted], oh yeah, [now] I can see.”

“Scars, nose a little busted”, Rogan said. “He cuts a lot of guys up.”

“Bro, his elbows!” Matheson said.

“Yeah, that’s what he is famous for,” Rogan said. “He fought in Glory [Kickboxing] for a bit, but the thing about Glory is that they don’t allow elbows.”

“And I’m like sitting across the table from this guy,” Matheson continued. “Watching his thing [highlight reel]. And ‘Oh you are an eleven-time world champion’. And he is sitting across to me and we are talking about bullsh*t. And I am like ‘Oh, you are a psychopath’.

“Well, he is a competitor, “Rogan said.

“Yeah, he is a champion,” Matheson said. “All champions are…”

“Most of them are psychos,” Rogan said.

Nathan “Carnage” Corbett is a former world champion in Muay Thai and kickboxing in three different weight class. Over the course of his career he won 11 world titles and knocked out 44 opponents in 59 victorious bouts out of 65 fights in total. He retired as WKN World Heavyweight Muay Thai champion, after making three successful title defenses from 2010 to 2013.


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