Flatbush Fists tells NYC martial arts history and its cultural impact (video)

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NY Emmy-nominated series Flatbush Fists unveils the history and cultural impact of the martial arts in New York City. The five-part documentary series touches on such luminaries as the American martial arts pioneer Moses Powell, martial artist and Hollywood and Hong Kong actor Ron Van Clief, martial artist, actor and stuntman Taimak Guarriello. It also highlights lesser-known figures, who contributed to the vibrant martial arts community over the last several decades.

Produced by Brooklyn’s cultural and media non-profit BRIC, Flatbush Fists was originally released on Bruce Lee’s birthday in November 2020. In June the series was nominated for a New York Emmy Award in the longform historical / cultural programming category.

The series traces the impact of the martial arts on film, breakdancing, hip-hop, and female empowerment. Each episode is around 10 minutes long.

Part 1 “The Needle On The Compass” and Part 2 “Enter The Black Dragon” were directed by Charlie Hoxie. Part 3 “Fight Like A Girl” was directed by Sasha Whittle. Part 4 “Dance Of The Tiger” and Part 5 “Lyrical Mantis” were directed by Khyriel Palmer.

Check out the trailer up top, while the entire series is available on BRIC TV channel on YouTube.

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