Twitter verification denied for world kickboxing governing

The world’s governing body for all disciplines of kickboxing got denied its request for a “blue verification badge” on Twitter.


The World Kickboxing Network, commonly known as “WKN”, shared today that “[email protected] denied the request of the account representing one of the major kickboxing governing bodies that has been making history for over 20 years helping develop sport globally”.

The WKN was established in 1994. Under its slogan “Simply the Best”, on multiple occasions the organization made history on different parts of the Planet. This includes the US on September 19, 1998, when Jerome Le Banner of France faced Espedito Da Silva of Brazil for WKN super heavyweight title. The event marked the first time when kickboxing world championship was held alongside boxing – on the same televised card, topped by Evander Holyfield vs. Vaughn Bean at Georgia Dome in Atlanta, GA with WBA and IBF heavyweight titles on the line.

In 2003 the WKN presented the first ever kickboxing world championship in Nigeria, where Habib Bakir of France and Fernando Loureiro of Portugal battled it out for WKN lightweight title in Lagos. In 2004 – in Romania, where Samir Mohamed of France and Alexander Kozachenko of Ukraine contested for WKN super lightweight belt in Braila. The list goes on.

Furthermore, in collaboration with International Vale Tudo Championship (IVC), World Kickboxing Network became the first organization to promote MMA in Europe. IVC is a well-known league established in 90’s in Brazil, that saw the likes of Wanderlei Silva, Chuck Liddell, among others, squaring off in no holds barred contests.

What has been going on with Twitter blue badge verification process in 2021

Although, as understood, the verification is for a selected group of notable organizations, entities and individuals, in such industries as politics, sports, journalist, etc there have been reports when someone, who “never called myself a journalist until Twitter made me” received the blue “verified” checkmark. On the other hand, the profile of NFL Hall of Famer and Minnesota Supreme Court justice Alan Page was not verified after not being deemed “notable” (by whoever or whatever runs the verification process and reviews the application).


In August it was reported that famed actor Danny DeVito “abruptly” lost the verification badge, which now (as of writing) appears to be reinstated. Meanwhile, the account of “God” “@TheTweetOfGod” with over 6 millions followers, run by American comedy writer and lyricist David Javerbaum is not verified to date. In June he posted “It’s Official, I Don’t Exist”.

Well, the above is just a few examples of an apparent “confusion” that has been going on with a blue badge verification on Twitter. It has been admitted that several fake accounts were verified. Also, it was claimed that the verification process is based on personal preferences of those who review the applications, e.g. “likes” and “dislikes” of this or that account.

In July Twitter executives revealed some of the reasons why some users are not be getting “verified” despite meeting the required criteria.

After quite some time of working on improving its policies the verification program was relaunched early this year. Since then it was paused and resumed several times in order to “make improvements to the application and review process”, and due to “routine maintenance”.

Stephane Cabrera Develops Kickboxing

As for prestigious kickboxing governing, that has its both Instagram and Facebook accounts verified, the presence on Twitter at this stage remains with no “blue badge” in place next to its username “@wknkickboxing”, “because the evidence provided did not meet our criteria for notability”, as advised by Twitter.


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