Stream Usyk vs Joshua 2 live on DAZN
Stream Usyk vs Joshua 2 live on DAZN
Stream Usyk vs Joshua 2 live on DAZN
Stream Usyk vs Joshua 2 live on DAZN
Stream Usyk vs Joshua 2 live on DAZN
Stream Usyk vs Joshua 2 live on DAZN
Stream Usyk vs Joshua 2 live on DAZN
Stream Usyk vs Joshua 2 live on DAZN

Claressa Shields confident in victory over Savannah Marshall, who vows to ‘hurt and outbox’ her

Shields vs Marshall for undisputed middleweight title

Claressa “GWOAT” Shields and Savannah “The Silent Assassin” Marshall square off in the main event at The O2 in London, England on Saturday, September 10. The contest features two-time Olympic gold medalist, two-weight undisputed world champion and reigning unified WBA, WBC and IBF titleholder of the US up against amateur world champion and current WBO titleholder of the UK. The pair battles it out for the undisputed title at middleweight.


Shields and Marshall previously met at the 2012 World Championships in Qinhuangdao, China where the latter came out victorious.

At the launch press conference the bitter rivals came face to face and declared their intention to capture the undisputed middleweight title. Check out below what they had to say. Video highlight is available up top.

Shields vs Marshall tickets can be purchased via StubHub and Ticketmaster.

Claressa Shields: You can’t do anything I can do. You can sit here and talk, but you’re not going to win on September 10

Mikaela Mayer at press conference
Mikaela Mayer at press conference | Lawrence Lustig/BOXXER

“It means a lot to be here. I’m grateful that the UK fans have accepted me, once again, to come out here and fight. Savannah Marshall got lucky in 2012, but she won’t get lucky in 2022. I was 17 and also London was hosting the Olympics and they favored her. I never scored eight points in any of my fights, leading up. And then with the point system, all of a sudden I score eight? I just scored 30 points the day before, as I did every other fight and then, against her, I only scored eight points versus her 14? I was 17. She couldn’t shake me. She didn’t drop me. She couldn’t even get an eight count, but now she’s a knockout puncher?

“The Olympics and the amateurs matter to you. As an amateur, you went 60-16 with zero knockouts. I was 77-1, 19 KOs. You had zero (knockouts). You can’t do anything I can do. You can sit here and talk, but you’re not going to win on September 10.


“I don’t hate nobody, but I do have a huge dislike for her. My grandma told me not to use the word hate, so I don’t use it, but I don’t like her and she’s one of my biggest haters.

“They’re making it out that she’s a big knockout puncher and she’s the only blemish on my record as an amateur and she has the recipe to beat me. My job is to show everybody in the world that she doesn’t and that I reign supreme in three different weight classes for a reason. If she was the one who was really supreme, she would be champion in three different weight classes and not me.

“She’s a slow fighter and that is going to hurt her. Also, she’s tall but doesn’t know how to fight tall. All that inside stuff isn’t going to work against me!

“We are not here, about to fight in front of 80,000, because you’ve won one belt. I’m the champ. I’m the GWOAT. Nobody knows you. Every time I speak of you, you get bigger. After this, you’re going to have 20,000 more followers because I’m here, not because of anything you’ve done.

“I’m happy that there’s another championship fight on the card, especially the women. Me and Mikaela went to the Olympics and the world championships together, and Alicia lives not even 45 minutes from where I live, so I’m friends with her too. This is one of the biggest fights in women’s boxing. We’re fighting in front of 80,000. We have a great co-main and there will be more women added to the card.

“Salita Promotions has never failed me. When I first met Dmitriy Salita and he asked me what my goals were, I said I want to be world champ in my seventh fight. I was world champ in my fourth fight. I told him I wanted to be undisputed champ against whoever the champion was. I’m like ‘get me the best. I want to fight the best, every fight.’ And he shook his head and said ‘yes, yes yes, we’re going to make it happen’. And after I beat Christina Hammer, I told him I’m not fighting for no less than $350,000, moving forward and he made sure I got $350,000 for those fights after that. In women’s boxing back then.

“Salita Promotions has been great to be with. I just love Dmitriy so much because he’s actually a fighter. We got in the ring and sparred together. To have a promoter who knows what we put ourselves through, he’s always asking me what else he can do and what else do I need? He always makes sure he comes through for me and he comes to visit me every single camp to make sure I’m feeling good and everything. I’m happy to be part of Salita Promotions.”

Savannah Marshall: I’m not just going to beat you. I’m going to hurt you and outbox you

Savannah Marshall press conference
Savannah Marshall press conference | Lawrence Lustig/BOXXER

“This fight has been a long time coming, but we are here now and on September 10, I will be the new undisputed middleweight champion of the world.

“I’m a fan of Claressa Shields. What she’s done for the sport is amazing. She’s a pioneer for the sport, but the reality is, she doesn’t beat me. The first time we fought she didn’t perform and she won’t again on September 10. That’s what it is and it kills her. It burns her inside.

“I’ve knocked out people you went 10 rounds with. I’m not just going to beat you. I’m going to hurt you and outbox you. That’s all you need to know. I’m a better fighter. I’ll have all her world titles on September 10.

“It’s amazing, not just for me and Claressa headlining, but also having an amazing fight in Mikaela and Alycia. I think their fight is a headliner on its own. Sharing the night with them two will be unbelievable.

“I win this fight through heart and my boxing brain. On September 10, I will become the champion of the world. And that will be the end of her rubbish. See you on September 10, babe.

“I believe I’m a better fighter than Claressa Shields. I’m more skilled than Claressa. I believe I’m more determined.”

In the co-main event unified WBO and IBF junior lightweight champion Mikaela Mayer faces WBC titleholder Alycia Baumgardner in the 130-pound championship unification. The list of bouts featured on Shields vs Marshall undercard, as well as the tickets information, is expected to be announced shortly.


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