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Daniel Austin is a TV commentator, journalist and podcaster for the FightBox TV channel. He is the host of The FightBox Podcast, an interview show where he talks to top fighters from around the world in all fighting disciplines. He did professional wrestling for 15 years, competing in nine different countries. Born in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA, he later moved to Poland, where he now resides and where he started the country's first ever pro wrestling promotion in 2009, Do or Die Wrestling.
Rusu vs Dzhavadov rematch headlines KOK Kickboxing Riga

KOK Kickboxing: Rusu vs. Dzhavadov, The Rematch in Riga

This time it's different (blog) Riga, Latvia is gearing up for what could be the biggest fight of the year in "King of Kings". KOK...
Daniel Austin KOK Kickboxing road trip

Crazy KOK Kickboxing road trip

Blog: KOK Kickboxing in Turkey The FightBox Podcast is back after a lengthy absence, but I guarantee it is worth the wait. The newest episode...
Bare Knuckle Boxing

Can Bare Knuckle Boxing Go Mainstream

Although it is most definitely the oldest form of fighting, bare knuckle boxing (BKB) is probably more associated with thugs, hooligans and street fighting...
Daniel Austin, Combat sports commentator

Combat sports commentator: Talking by Myself

Looking at the definition of the word "conversation", the key thing you need to focus on is how many people are involved. A conversation...
Enriko Kehl vs Arbi Emievvideo

Fight by the rules: Enriko Kehl vs Arbi Emiev

Opinion: Kehl vs Emiev at MFC 23 What really is the difference between a kickboxing match and a street fight? I mean, it's obvious if...
UFC Fight Night Gdansk, Don Roid

Fear & Loathing, UFC Gdansk Fight Night: Cerrone vs Till

Blog - UFC Fight Night: Cerrone vs. Till I was somewhere around Modlin, on the edge of Warsaw, when the coffee began to take hold....
Kickboxing, Bogdan Stoica vs Fatih Mehmetvideo

Stoica vs Mehmet looked like a fake kickboxing fight, but then

What looked to be a fake kickboxing fight at Colosseum Tournament turned out to be something much different There seems to be a lot of...
MMA KSW: Mariusz Pudzianowski vs James McSweeneyvideo

James McSweeney: Pudzianowski vs Kowalczyk was ‘fake fight’

Ahead of KSW 40 James McSweeney accuses Mariusz Pudzianowski of fake fights and abusing HGH KSW (Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki) is Poland's biggest MMA promotion and...
Don Roid, Combat sports brutal reality check

Combat Sports – brutal reality check

Life is brutal, reality is harsh but more and more these days people have become accustomed to the soft, sterile, anti-bacterial world that many...
Kickboxing Pawel Jedrzejczyk, FightBox Podcastvideo

Pawel Jedrzejczyk wants to fight Artur Kyshenko

There's a lot more work that goes into putting on a combat sports event than just the fighters training and fighting. There are countless...
Boxing, Raquel Miller on FightBox Podcast

Raquel Miller: We’re more than just pretty faces

"Pretty Beast" Raquel Miller discusses women's boxing, head injuries, charity work and more on episode 139 of The FightBox Podcast Raquel Miller aka "Pretty Beast"...
Kickboxing champion Denise Kielholtz on FightBox Podcastvideo

Bellator Kickboxing champ Denise Kielholtz next fight ‘in the cage’

Denise Kielholtz to return to MMA this winter Denise Kielholtz is the current Bellator Kickboxing women's flyweight champion, an MMA fighter, judo black belt and...
Bob Sapp, Fight Night Saint Tropez pre-fight interviewvideo

Bob Sapp talks career ahead of Greg Tony fight (Exclusive)

"The Beast" Bob Sapp speaks before Fight Night Saint Tropez Bob Sapp is someone who needs no introduction to combat sports fans. It's a name...
Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor world tour

May-Mac World Tour, Destroying Women’s MMA & Boxing

Opinion: Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor world tour As I talked about at length on episode 127 of The FightBox Podcast, it really wasn't all...
Daria Albers talks weight cutting on FightBox Podcast with Don Roidvideo

Weight cutting, Daria Albers: I suffered metabolic changes

Daria Albers speaks on the realities and dangers of cutting weight in combat sports. Daria Albers is a professional kickboxer, MMA fighter, Muay Thai practitioner,...

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