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Emanuel Rudnicki
Emanuel Rudnicki is a former Australian national champion in Muay Thai from Perth, Australia. He is a wedding photographer at Noisy Pixels and primary photographer at FIGHTMAG.
UFC 221 Israel Adesanya vs Rob Wilkinson

UFC 221 undercard action – photo report

UFC 221 was held this past Sunday (Feb. 11) at Perth Arena. The event was the debut of Ultimate Fighting Championship in Western Australia,...
UFC 221 Yoel Romero vs Luke Rockhold

Behind the Lens: UFC 221 photos – main event bouts

UFC 221 Romero vs Rockhold UFC 221 marked the debut of Ultimate Fighting Championship in Western Australia this past Sunday (Feb. 11). The event held...
Toby Smith Muay Thai

Domination Muay Thai 19: Toby Smith vs Charlie Bubb (photos)

It's not often you get a special fight like this one come around. Here's a few sneaky photos from the main event at Domination...
Muay Thai Domination 18 Photo Report

Domination 18 Perth: Hall of Winners

Muaythai and boxing fight show Domination 18 aired on PPV on Saturday, October 22, 2016 from Perth, WA. Domination 18 is the 12-fight bill held at...
Watch John Wayne Parr vs Daniel Dawson Video Slideshowvideo

Video Slideshow: John Wayne Parr vs Daniel Dawson

Have you ever wondered what happens out the back in the change-rooms? Check out this behind the scenes and action slideshow I did for Origins...
Elbow Makes a Brutal Cut

This is a Touch Brutal…

Walter Lara received a couple of elbows in his fight on the Nak Muay Fight Series show, one of which landing in a spot...
Jordan Godtfredsen Stops Apisit

Jordan Godtfredsen Stops Well Favored Apisit

Last night I shot Perth's newest fight show - Nak Muay Fight Series. The main event saw West Australia's Jordan Godtfredsen take on the well...
Lip Cut Injury

I Don’t Think I’ve Ever Seen an Injury Like This One Before

In all my time in this sport, I don't think I've ever seen an injury like this one before. Tough fighter Mark Sarracino had his...
Emanuel Rudnicki Defeats Chris White

I Still Love Going to Training & Spar

I used to be a Muay Thai fighter out of the Kao Sok Muay Thai Gym in Perth, Western Australia, trained by Darren Curovic. I...

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Lilian Dikmans
Lilian Dikmans is an Australian model, Muay Thai fighter and founder of Real Food Healthy Body. She is a feature writer at FIGHTMAG.

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