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Bigger’s Better is a series of heavyweight boxing tournaments live on Eurosport.

Kickboxing tournament Girl Power 4 live on TV

Bigger’s Better announces kickboxing series Girl Power 4

Women's kickboxing tournament Girl Power 4 live on SFR Sport 5. Kickboxing series Girl Power 4 returns to the small screen on Friday October 13. The episode is the following edition of the women's kickboxing...
Womens kickboxing Girl Power 3 Sunny Beach live on SFR Sport 5video

Kickboxing series Girl Power 3 Sunny Beach – official draw, weigh-in results

Fight Like a Girl - Live on SFR Sport 5 Women's kickboxing tournament Girl Power 3 Sunny Beach is held tonight at Platinum Casino & Hotel. The series produced by the Bigger's Better Boxing and...
WKN World kickboxing championship live on Eurosportvideo

Throwback Kickboxing with Bigger’s Better Boxing live on Eurosport

Girl Power: Maria Elin Olsson vs Seda Duygu Aygun for WKN World bantamweight kickboxing title Throwback Thursday rewinds five years back and brings us to Arena Riga in Latvia. This is where the famed Bigger's Better Boxing...
Female kickboxing series Girl Power air live on SFR Sport 5

Bigger’s Better brings Girl Power Kickboxing to Golden Sands

Kickboxing tournament Girl Power 3 Golden Sands live on SFR Sport 5, Friday June 23 Girl Power is a series of women's kickboxing tournaments. The contest is a featherweight eliminator where eight international competitors battle in the...
Australian fighter to partake in Girl Power kickboxing series on European television network SFR Sport 5

Australian kickboxer in Girl Power series on European TV

Blog: Girl Power out of Australia Girl Power is a series of female kickboxing tournaments live on SFR Sport 5. To date we have presented two shows, with ten more series ahead. The producer is...
Female kickboxing tournament Girl Power schedules 10 shows live on SFR Sport

Girl Power Kickboxing on SFR Sport: Two Seasons Announced

Bigger's Better Boxing schedules Girl Power III on Friday June 23 live on SFR Sport 5. Girl Power is a female kickboxing contest. Eight international contenders battle out in the one-night eight-woman featherweight tournament. Prestigious...
Bigger's Better Boxing posts a new set of Girl Power kickboxing tournament photos on Instagramvideo

Bigger’s Better Boxing Posts New Set of Girl Power Photos

Bigger's Better Boxing produced the Girl Power II - female kickboxing tournament live on SFR Sport 5 last month. Girl Power is a one-night eight-woman kickboxing contest. International contenders battle out in the fast-paced bouts....
Steve Smoger sends greetings to Parviz Iskenderov a few hours prior the broadcast of the Girl Power kickboxing tournament, produced by the Bigger's Better Boxing on European network SFR Sportvideo

Bigger’s Better Sends Greetings to Australia

Here it is, a glorious team behind the production of the Bigger's Better Boxing. Jean-Christophe Courreges, Jean-Philippe Lustyk, Bruno Wartelle, Klaus Hagemann, Steve Smoger and Stephane Cabrera put together the Girl Power kickboxing tournament last Friday in Bulgaria. The show...
Bigger's Better Boxing presents people behind the scenes

Bigger’s Better People

There is only a week away from our next Bigger's Better show. On Friday February 10 the Girl Power II airs on SFR Sport 5. The event is a relaunch of the Bigger's Better series. Since 2010...
Watch Kickboxing Girl Power Tournamentvideo

Girl Power Kickboxing Tournament

Throwback Thursday with Bigger's Better rewinds two years back to the Girl Power kickboxing edition. Girl Power 8-woman kickboxing tournament airs live on PPV. The event is held on Friday, November 14, 2014 in Liepaja, Latvia. Eight prominent...
Watch Bigger's Better Boxing 1 Cyprus Full Tournament

Bigger’s Better 1 Nicosia – The Tournament

Throwback Thursday brings us to Nicosia, Cyprus when Bigger's Better launches its debut episode live on Eurosport network in prime time on Friday, May 7, 2010. Promoters Jean-Christophe Courreges, Stephane Cabrera and Jean-Philippe Listyk go to...
Watch Mairis Briedis vs Pavel Zhuravlev

Mairis Briedis and Pavel Zhuravlev Made In Bigger’s Better

Bigger's Better Boxing releases the full fight video of Mairis Briedis and Pavel Zhuravlev. Eminent Latvian boxer Mairis Briedis and the pride of Ukraine Pavel Zhuravlev clashed in the final bout of the Bigger's Better...
Bigger's Better: Unstoppable Live Boxing on Eurosport

Bigger’s Better: Reminisce Eurosport’s Live Boxing TV Show

Bigger's Better boxing sensation hits the silver screen on Friday, May 7, 2010 in prime time live on air by Eurosport from Nicosia, Cyprus. Promoter Jean-Christophe Courreges, WKN president Stephane Cabrera and journalist Jean-Philippe Lustyk...

Evgenios Lazarids Wins IBA Boxing Title Live on Eurosport

Evgenios Lazaridis of Greece defeats Boris Estenfelder of Germany live on Eurosport on November 6, 2015 in Frankfurt. Prior the bout both with undefeated record, Lazaridis and Estenfelder challenged the IBA heavyweight Intercontinental title. The championship, scheduled for...
Evgenios Lazaridis Challenges for Intercontinental Title

Bigger’s Better Boosts Boxing Live on Eurosport

Bigger's Better promotes IBA boxing championship fight show live on November 6, 2015 in Frankfurt, Germany. The headliner of the show is set with Greece's star Evgenios Lazaridis when he enters the ring to challenge the...

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