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Carl Emery is the former World Champion, founder of Kickboxing World Forum, and promoter of World Martial Arts Games, from Geneva, Switzerland.

World Martial Arts Gamesvideo

Carl Emery presents Geneva Open: World Martial Arts Games 2018

WMAG 2018 The World Martial Arts Games 2018 is held in Geneva, Switzerland from 7th to 8th April. The event features a number of disciplines including Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Police tactical self-defense, Kyokushin Karate,...

Carl Emery Units People of Goodwill

Carl Emery is organizing the second installment of the World Martial Arts Games in Geneva. Swiss born, Carl Emery, a former kickboxing World champion. He is also an inventor of World Kickboxing Forum. Moreover he is the man who brought...
The Peace Fighters at the UN HQ

The Peace Fighters at UN Human Rights Council Session

WKN Directors Billy Murray of Northern Ireland and Carl Emery of Switzerland spoke about The Peace Fighters initiative at the 25th UN Human Rights Council session in Geneva. on Friday, March 7, 2014 in Geneva. Murray and...

World Kickboxing Forum is Now Created

It happened - the World of Kickboxing came together on this day 29th Novemember in Geneva, Switzerland at the hotel de la Vendée. This is the first time that all world kickboxing sanction bodies agreed...

Kickboxing World Comes Together on November 20, 2010

This is the first time that all world sanction bodies have agreed to sit round a table in a historical meeting. World kickboxing groups will bury their differences for this day to come together in...

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Muay Thai training tips for beginners, first-time fighters

Muay Thai training for beginners Starting something new can be quite challenging and stressful. Whether it is a new job, moving countries, basically anything new and unknown that pulls you out of your comfort zone....

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