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Darren Curovic is a former Australian champion in muaythai from Perth, WA. He is a head coach at Kao Sok gym and co-promoter of Domination fight shows.

Misagh Norouzi and Lilian Dikmans Muay Thai fights recapvideo

Misagh Norouzi scores sixth straight win, Lilian Dikmans fight results in draw

Misagh Norouzi and Lilian Dikmans appeared on the card at Domination Muay Thai 21 held this past Saturday (Oct. 27) in Perth, Australia. Coached by yours truly over the last couple of months, the...
WKN titles contest at Domination 19 Muay Thai Perth

Domination 19 Muay Thai Perth with three WKN titles, full fight card

Domination 19 is held on Saturday October 28 at Serpentine Jarrahdale Recreation Centre in Byford, WA. The event features some of the leading Australian Muay Thai fighters, with three WKN titles challenged on the...
WKN Muay Thai championship tops up Domination 19 fight card

Domination 19 Muay Thai – two WKN titles at stake

Domination 19: Lottering vs Grey, McKay vs Earp Muay Thai promotion Domination 19 is held on Saturday October 28 at Serpentine Jarrahdale Recreation Centre. The event marks the return of Perth "Weapon" Toby Smith when...
Perth Muay Thai trainingvideo

Muay Thai training, pad work with Darren Curovic

Kao Sok Muay Thai Gym As I pulled up into the driveway of Kao Sok Muay Thai Gym in Forrestdale, Western Australia, I was reminded of my training in Thailand. The lines of tyres sitting...
Team Australia at World Muay Thai Championships

Throwback: Team Australia at Muay Thai World Championships 2009

Late last month I've reminisced the participation at IFMA 2001 European Cup in Odessa. Today, when we are only a few weeks away from the historic happening with Muay Thai making its debut at The World...
Darren Curovic announces two Muay Thai Domination shows

Muay Thai Domination Hits Perth Twice

Darren Curovic announces two "Muay Thai Domination" events in Perth, WA. Australian promotion Muay Thai Domination prepares its next show. Moreover, this year the organization schedules two happenings. The upcoming event is on May 27th with the following...
Parviz Iskenderov

Friendship Made in Muay Thai: Darren Curovic & Alex James

It's not really a throwback Thursday or anything, but I feel like sharing these few photographs with Darren Curovic and Alex James from August 11, 2010. Darren Curovic is the man guilty for developing Muay...
Darren Curovic Develops Muay Thai Western Australia

Darren Curovic Develops West Side Muay Thai

Western Australian Muay Thai expert Darren Curovic puts his heart in the development of Australian sport for over twenty five years. Perth-born Darren Curovic, 49, hands down, is the only personality from the West side...

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