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Dubai Fight is the WKN kickboxing world championship VIP event on May 4, 2017 at One & Only Royal Mirage in Dubai, UAE.

Gokhan Saki and Michael Jai White attend WKN world kickboxing championship gala Dubai Fight

Kickboxing rebel Gokhan Saki attends Dubai Fight, trains with Michael Jai White

Eric Favre presented kickboxing gala Dubai Fight on May 4 at the One&Only Royal Mirage. World championship kickboxing returned to the UAE this past Thursday. The VIP event Dubai Fight organized by Eric Favre Sport Games has...
Yohan Lidon claims second defense of the WKN title at kickboxing gala Dubai Fight

Dubai Fight results: Lidon defends WKN title, Bennoui new champion

Dubai Fight: Eric Favre Sport Games brings kickboxing world championships to the United Arab Emirates An outstanding gala Dubai Fight was held on Thursday May 4 at The One & Only Royal Mirage. The 7-fight bill...
WKN world kickboxing championship headlines Dubai Fight at the One and Only Royal Mirage

Kickboxing gala Dubai Fight: Official Weigh-in

Dubai Fight: Locked & Loaded Eric Favre Sport Games bring an outstanding kickboxing event to the UAE. Dubai Fight is the world-class event with the elite fighters in the full contact action, alongside the movie actors and athletes who put on a...
Sasa Jovanovic partakes in kickboxing gala Dubai Fight

Dubai Fight kickboxing card change: Jovanovic replaces Habash

Kickboxing promotion Dubai Fight is held on Thursday at the One & Only Royal Mirage World championship kickboxing returns to the United Arab Emirates. The One & Only Royal Mirage accommodates an international gala Dubai Fight on...
Lidon vs Vidakovic for WKN kickboxing super middleweight world title headlines Dubai Fightvideo

Kickboxing gala Dubai Fight: Two WKN World titles at stake

Lidon vs Vidakovic for WKN World super middleweight title in oriental kickboxing headlines Dubai Fight Dubai Fight is a world-class event held on May 4 at The One & Only Royal Mirage. The fight card...
The list of attendees at the WKN kickboxing gala Dubai Fight includes notable actors and athletes

Dubai Fight guest list: Emilien De Falco & Michael Jai White

Dubai Fight: kickboxing world championship returns to Emirates. The WKN kickboxing gala Dubai Fight is held on May 4 at the One & Only Royal. World-class athletes partake in the happening organized by Eric Favre. Last...
WKN kickboxing world championship headlines Dubai Fightvideo

WKN Kickboxing announces Dubai Fight full fight card

The VIP event Dubai Fight is held on May 4 at One & Only Royal Mirage. Dubai Fight features on the program of the five-day VIP tour "Sport Games" from May 2 to May 7. The...
Muay Thai fighter Singdam tops up WKN kickboxing fight show in Dubai

Muay Thai Star Singdam Kiatmuu9 Added to Dubai Fight

Famed muaythai fighter Singdam Kiatmuu9 partakes in VIP gala "Dubai Fight" on May 4 in Emirates. 33-year-old Singdam Kiatmuu9 (269-64-2) is a well-known name in muaythai circuits. The lightweight competitor out of Isan has held...
Yohan Lidon set the WKN kickboxing world title defense in Dubai

Kickboxing World Championship Returns to Emirates

WKN announces kickboxing world championship in Dubai on May 4. The WKN revealed on March 14 that two kickboxing world championship bouts will headline the "Dubai Fight" show in Emirates. The event features on the program...

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