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Elena Jane “Ellie” Goulding is a singer and songwriter from Hereford, United Kingdom.

Kickboxing and boxing helps Ellie Goulding overcome anxiety

Ellie Goulding Finds Inner Confidence: Boxing & Kickboxing

Kickboxing and boxing helped Ellie Goulding reduce anxiety as well as overcome the panic attacks. Pop star Ellie Goulding reveals her story of dealing with the issues of mental strength when her career started taking...
Watch Ellie Goulding in Knockout Kickboxing Training

Ellie Goulding Kicks, Punches and Rocks N Rolls

Pop star Ellie Goulding hits hard on Instagram with a few snaps from training. In March famous British singer, Ellie Goulding broke the news when she becameĀ a new brand ambassador of P&G's Pantene Pro-V. This...
Ellie Goulding Knocks Pantene Out

Ellie Goulding Shows Off Her Boxing Skills in Pantene Ad

English pop music star Ellie Goulding is a new brand ambassador of P&G's Pantene Pro-V. One of the most prominent music artists from UK, Ellie Goulding, 29, is a real boxing practitioner. Hands down she...

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