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International Boxing Association (IBA) is an organization that sanctions professional boxing matches and awards world and subordinate championships.

IBA Boxing world championship comes to Panama City

IBA Boxing: Five world titles on the line in Panama

The International Boxing Association is set to sanction arguably the biggest event after it was relaunched worldwide in August 2017. Five IBA World title fights are featured on the card held at Hotel El...
IBA Boxing relaunched world wide

IBA Boxing relaunched worldwide

The International Boxing Association (IBA) has been relaunched worldwide by a sports group headed by the new IBA president, J.C. Courreges. In 1991, two-time Major League Baseball all-star pitcher and Cy Young Award winner Dean...
Steve Smoger becomes IBA Boxing officials committee co-chair

Steve Smoger appointed IBA Boxing officials committee co-chair

Hall of Fame referee Steve Smoger becomes the Officials Committee co-chair at International Boxing Association Founded in 90's International Boxing Association (IBA) announced its relaunch under the leadership of JC Courrges in June 2017. Over...
Internationally known sports group relaunches International Boxing Association (IBA)

International Boxing Association relaunch announced

An internationally known and respected Sports Group, under the leadership of Jean-Christophe Courreges has relaunched the International Boxing Association (IBA). The IBA's mission is to provide professional boxers, male and female, at all stages of...

Evgenios Lazarids Wins IBA Boxing Title Live on Eurosport

Evgenios Lazaridis of Greece defeats Boris Estenfelder of Germany live on Eurosport on November 6, 2015 in Frankfurt. Prior the bout both with undefeated record, Lazaridis and Estenfelder challenged the IBA heavyweight Intercontinental title. The championship, scheduled for...

Mairis Briedis Defends IBA World Title Live on Eurosport

Mairis Briedis defeats Ismail Abdoul and becomes the 2-time IBA boxing cruiser-weight champion of the world. Mairis Briedis has taken a 12-rounds win over Ismail Abdoul and defended his title live on Eurosport on Friday, November...

Denis Liebau Defeats Ericles Torres & Takes IBA Boxing Belt

Denis Liebau continues his undefeated boxing journey claiming unanimous decision victory over Ericles Torres Marin last night in Frankfurt. German boxer Denis Liebau has taken the IBA boxing light-heavyweight intercontinental title live on Eurosport. For Denis Liebau this...
Stephane Cabrera Represents IBA Boxing in Europe

Stephane Cabrera IBA Boxing Boss in Europe

World Kickboxing Network has shared some very exciting news on Twitter, only a few hours prior the live boxing broadcast on Eurosport from Frankfurt, where Germany's Denis Liebau and Cuban-Hungarian Ericles Torres Marin will clash in the...

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