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Lilian Dikmans out of Melbourne, Australia is a model, actor, Muay Thai fighter and founder of Real Food Healthy Body.

Domination Muay Thai 21 features local and international competitors

Tickets available for Domination Muay Thai 21: Toby Smith vs. Eddie Farrell

Domination Muay Thai 21 is held on Saturday October 27 in Perth, Australia. The event takes at the Serpentine Jarrahdale Recreation Centre in Byford, WA, featuring local and international competitors. The fight card comprises 18...
Muay Thai inside leg kick techniquesvideo

Round 2: Inside leg kick techniques in Muay Thai

Leg Day Legs are the wheels of a vehicle. Without them the latter won't move. Thus, for a Muay Thai fighter it is quite logical to attack an opponent's legs, in order to worsen their...
Domination Muay Thai 21 fight card released

Full fight card announced for Domination Muay Thai 21

Domination Muay Thai 21 is held at the Serpentine Jarrahdale Recreation Centre in Byford, WA on Saturday October 27. The event features eighteen bouts with Australian and international competitors. Earlier this week the promotion presented...
Domination Muay Thai 21

Domination Muay Thai 21 event poster landed

Domination Muay Thai 21 is held on Saturday October 27 in Perth, Australia. The event takes place at the Serpentine Jarrahdale Recreation Centre (Byford, WA) featuring local and international competitors. The four-man knockout contest was added...
Eating for performance

Eating well for top performance

There's a lot of information online about what you should and shouldn't eat. Some of it is credible and some of it is not. In my view, nothing should be blindly followed. What works...
Lilian Dikmans partakes in Domination Muay Thai 21video

Lilian Dikmans, Australian model schedules two Muay Thai bouts

Lilian Dikmans at Domination Muay Thai 21 Lilian Dikmans is scheduled for her next fight on October 27 in Perth. The Melbourne-born model battles out at Domination Muay Thai 21, taking on the local competitor Paris...
Benefits of sports massagevideo

Sports massage for Muay Thai

Massage provides a range of benefits, whether you are an athlete looking to recover faster or just someone looking to unwind and feel good. There are so many types on offer. From relaxation massage...
Lilian Dikmans and Dechsak Sangmorakot Muay Thai push kick trainingvideo

Filming Muay Thai technique tutorial, push kick

Muay Thai Push kick techniques Last week, I filmed a Muay Thai technique tutorial with trainer Dechsak Sangmorakot. The tutorial focused on the teep, also known as a push kick or front kick. I've been doing...
Dechsak Sangmorakot and Lilian Dikmans demonstrate push kick techniques in Muay Thaivideo

Round 2: Muay Thai Teep, push kick techniques

Front push kick techniques with Dechsak Sangmorakot If you've ever done rounds on pads with a Thai trainer, you will definitely recall the "Teep" saying along the way. Known for westerners as "Push Kick" or...
Lilian Dikmans Muay Thai workout

Muay Thai workout at home, no gym required

Having access to a Muay Thai gym with proper equipment certainly makes training easier. Training partners, pad holders and a variety of bags to hit is ideally what you want. However, when you don't...
Muay Thai elbow techniquevideo

Round 2: Muay Thai right elbow strike techniques

When it comes to stand-up fighting, Elbow Strike is arguably the most devastating weapon you will find in your arsenal, thanks to Muay Thai. One can say it defines everything, and perhaps won't be...
Five ways to beat bloating

Beat bloating: five ways

If you've experienced bloating and can't work out exactly what causes it, I feel your pain I used to suffer from terrible bloating, to the point where I'd look pregnant. It would take at least...
Lilian Dikmans Muay Thai trainingvideo

Sports recovery, recover fast post training with simple techniques

Muay Thai training After a month of travel and work commitments, I've just started to get back to proper daily training. As is the case after any break, my whole body is extra sore. This...
Low Sugar Smoothies

Low sugar smoothies, recipe hacks

Real Food Healthy Body Smoothies have become the poster child for healthy living over the past few years. Especially green ones. Walk into a cafe and you'll no doubt find them on the menu. They...
Tomasz Sarara becomes WKN Super Heavyweight championvideo

Watch Tomasz Sarara winning WKN Super Heavyweight title

Tomasz Sarara becomes World Kickboxing Network Super Heavyweight champion Polish heavyweight Tomasz Sarara went up against "Slovakian Giant" Tomas Mozny on May 25 at National Stadium Warsaw live on TVP Sport. With over 25,000 sold...