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Mairis Briedis is a professional cruiserweight boxer from Riga, Latvia.

Winner of the Bigger's Better Boxing 2012 Super Finale Mairis Briedis earns WBC and IBO cruiserweight world titles

Bigger’s Better King Mairis Briedis wins WBC cruiserweight title

Mairis Briedis comfortably earns WBC cruiserweight world title belt. Cruiserweight boxer out of Latvia, Mairis Briedis added the WBC world title to his collection. The 32-year-old initially gained the prominence in 2010 partaking in the Bigger's Better...
Watch Bigger's Better Boxing 1 Cyprus Full Tournament

Bigger’s Better 1 Nicosia – The Tournament

Throwback Thursday brings us to Nicosia, Cyprus when Bigger's Better launches its debut episode live on Eurosport network in prime time on Friday, May 7, 2010. Promoters Jean-Christophe Courreges, Stephane Cabrera and Jean-Philippe Listyk go to...
Watch Mairis Briedis vs Pavel Zhuravlev

Mairis Briedis and Pavel Zhuravlev Made In Bigger’s Better

Bigger's Better Boxing releases the full fight video of Mairis Briedis and Pavel Zhuravlev. Eminent Latvian boxer Mairis Briedis and the pride of Ukraine Pavel Zhuravlev clashed in the final bout of the Bigger's Better...

Mairis Briedis Defends IBA World Title Live on Eurosport

Mairis Briedis defeats Ismail Abdoul and becomes the 2-time IBA boxing cruiser-weight champion of the world. Mairis Briedis has taken a 12-rounds win over Ismail Abdoul and defended his title live on Eurosport on Friday, November...

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