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Mia Kang is the 2016 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model search winner out of Hong Kong.

SI Model Mia Kang wins Muay Thai bout, plans MMA debutvideo

SI Model Mia Kang victorious in Muay Thai debut, breaks stereotypes

Girl Power: Mia Kang the first model to fight in the ring. Sports Illustrated model Mia Kang has really done it. The 28-year-old made her muaythai debut on May 7 in Thailand. Partaking in the...
Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Mia Kang talks her muaythai debutvideo

Mia Kang: I’m a model, I’m fighting because I want to (Exclusive)

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Mia Kang to make muaythai debut, training with Saenchai Mia Kang is a 28 year model who recently appeared in the prestigious swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated magazine. Known more for...
Sports Illustrated model Mia Kang prepares for her muaythai fight in Koh Samui

Girl Power: SI Model Mia Kang expected in Muay Thai debut

Sports Illustrated model Mia Kang is highly anticipated to make a debut in the Art of Eight Limbs. Mia Kang continues her adventure in the world of muaythai. Originally, the 28-year-old model out of Hong...
Mia Kang Beautifies Muay Thai

Mia Kang KO’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Search

Muay Thai is certainly on the A-list of the workout routine for the models across the world. Mia Kang proudly represents. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Mia Kang, 27, is a Korean-British 5-foot-10 international...

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