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Parviz Iskenderov is the Belarusian super flyweight Muay Thai fighter from Perth, Australia.

Misagh Norouzi and Lilian Dikmans Muay Thai fights recapvideo

Misagh Norouzi scores sixth straight win, Lilian Dikmans fight results in draw

Misagh Norouzi and Lilian Dikmans appeared on the card at Domination Muay Thai 21 held this past Saturday (Oct. 27) in Perth, Australia. Coached by yours truly over the last couple of months, the...
Defend Muay Thai knee strike and counter attackvideo

Round 2: Muay Thai knee strike defense & counter attack

Muay Thai Techniques with Dechsak Sangmorakot Muay Thai knee strikes are some of the most useful techniques when it comes to stand-up fighting. "Knees" are used in both ranges: from a distance and in the...
Muay Thai knee techniques with Dechsak Sangmorakotvideo

Muay Thai knees exercise, Round 2 with Dechsak Sangmorakot

Muay Thai left step up knee techniques Dechsak Sangmorakot hails from Thailand. He resides in Australia, where he competes in the ring and teaches the "Art of Eight Limbs" at Kao Sok Muay Thai Gym...
Parviz Iskenderov Muay Thai trainingvideo

Round 2: Reloading, back to Muay Thai training

Muay Thai Life (Blog) It has been just over two years since my last muay thai fight in May 2016 when I fought for WKN Australian Super Lightweight title. Let's actually better say, the most...
From boxing screen to Silver Screenvideo

From boxing ring to Silver Screen

I made it to the silver screen where Rocky's still what the theme is, Eminem (Kings Never Die) Combat sports have been always a significant part of the filmmaking. The genre of action certainly presumes...
Tomasz Sarara becomes WKN Super Heavyweight championvideo

Watch Tomasz Sarara winning WKN Super Heavyweight title

Tomasz Sarara becomes World Kickboxing Network Super Heavyweight champion Polish heavyweight Tomasz Sarara went up against "Slovakian Giant" Tomas Mozny on May 25 at National Stadium Warsaw live on TVP Sport. With over 25,000 sold...
Misagh Norouzi victorious at Domination Muay Thai 20video

Vlog: Misagh Norouzi, Domination Muay Thai 20

Blog: Misagh Norouzi is back in the ring This vlog is dedicated to Misagh Norouzi, Perth fighter, representing Kao Sok Muay Thai Gym. It was mostly filmed last Tuesday (May 29), on our first day...
Australian Lilian Dikmans presents WKN world championship belt at Sarara vs. Mozny - WKN Super Heavyweight title fight at National Stadium Warsawvideo

Vlog: Sarara vs. Mozny – WKN Super Heavyweight title fight

Blog: Sarara vs Mozny at National Stadium Warsaw This clip is dedicated to our second journey to Poland last week, where we have attended kickboxing world championship bout between Tomasz Sarara and Tomas Mozny. The...
Parviz Iskenderov super kick in Athens, Greecevideo

Vlog: Athens ft. Stefanos Konstantinidis of The Battle by WKN

WKN Greece Following our visit to Belgian city capital Brussels, where we've caught up with my old friend, legendary Osman Yigin, we ventured to Athens, Greece for a two-day stay. This is where the famed "The...
Osman Yigin with Parviz Iskenderov in Brusselsvideo

Vlog: The Legend Osman Yigin of WKN Belgium

WKN Europe: Ep 3 - Osman Yigin, kickboxing legend of Belgium (Blog) Our second stop in Europe was Belgian city-capital Brussels. We flew in from Poland, following a three-day stay in Warsaw and Sosnowiec. Earlier this...
Superkick: Cezary Podraza and Parviz Iskenderovvideo

Vlog: Superkick with Cezary Podraza of WKN Poland

WKN Europe: Ep 2 - Superkick in Poland (Blog) Following our two-day travel from another side of the Planet, we've landed in Polish city capital Warsaw. The place reminded me Belarusian Minsk. To simplify, although Poland is...
En Route - Europevideo

Vlog: Visiting WKN Europe with Lilian Dikmans

Europe - Ep 1 'En Route' (Blog) Taking off to Europe early last week was indeed a long journey all the way from Australia. Making a three-hour in stop in Dubai, where we still worked,...
UFC 221 Parviz Iskenderov

UFC Perth or the new show on the block

UFC 221 performed UFC 221 held last Sunday (Feb. 11) is done and dusted. It is in history. In fact, it was indeed historic, since it was the first Ultimate Fighting Championship event accommodated here...
Lilian Dikmans Muay Thai training Perthvideo

Muay Thai training starts in Perth

Yesterday was my first day of training for 2018 here in Perth. Famed as one of Australia's Muay Thai capitals, the city is also known for its relentlessly hot weather in summer. It could not...
Team Australia at World Muay Thai Championships

Throwback: Team Australia at Muay Thai World Championships 2009

Late last month I've reminisced the participation at IFMA 2001 European Cup in Odessa. Today, when we are only a few weeks away from the historic happening with Muay Thai making its debut at The World...

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