Thursday, October 18, 2018
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Top Sangmorakot is a Muay Thai trainer and fight promoter from Bangkok, Thailand.

Misagh Norouzi Heads Towards Pro

Misagh Norouzi Heads Towards Pro

Iran-born Australian muay thai-boxer Misagh Norouzi is making conclusive step to kick off his professional career. Misagh Norouzi, 19, is a Western Australia's prospect of the next generation of notable muaythai personalities from Land Down Under. He has trained from scratch for...
Misagh Norouzi Goes Extra Miles

Misagh Norouzi Goes Extra Miles

In only seven months of training from scratch, the kid who we call 'Southpaw' has already accomplished four bouts. Few hours ago Misagh won his forth fight. Yes, forth fight only, and only the second win too. Might sound...

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